Testing The Performance With The Help Of JMeter



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Software Testing

Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: To acknowledge the learners about the concepts of non-functional testing.

Introducing Non-Functional testing : Types of Non-Functional testing : Use of Non-Functional testing : Performance Testing

Learning Objective: This module's main objective is to know how to do performance testing using JMeter.

JMeter : Introducing Apache JMeter : Performance testing JMeter : Elements of JMeter : Processors, controllers & assertions in JMeter : JMeter best practicesHands-On: Implement JMeter GUI based actions : Discover the ways to add and configure elements : Create a test report which incorporates error log files
Learning Objective: This module of the JMeter online training course will teach the readers about the meaning of Load testing, the need for Load Testing, and its motto.

Topics: Introduction to Load testing: Importance of Load testing: Aims of Load testing: Methods of implementing Load testing with the help of JMeter: Introduction to Stress testing: Importance of Stress testing: Motto of Stress testing: Methods of performing Stress testing with the help of JMeterHands-On: Practice Load Testing of a website (http://automationpractice.com/index.php) with the help of JMeter. : Implement Stress Testing of a website (http://automationpractice.com/index.php) with the help of JMeter.
Learning Objective: This module is all about telling the learners about the methods of checking if a software package is flexible and secured or not.

Topics: Introducing Scalability testing
: Need for bringing Scalability testing
: Scalability test attributes
: Methods to examine the Scalability of an application using JMeter
: Introducing Security testing
: Importance of Security testing
: Kinds of Security testing
: Methods used for Security testing

Hands-On: Performance Scalability Testing of an application with the help of JMeter.
                 : Conduct Security Testing of an application with the help of JMeter.

Learning Outcomes: With the help of Apache JMeter, learners will learn in this JMeter online training about the integration of Selenium Webdriver.

Topics: Introducing Selenium Webdriver
: Selenium Webdriver plugin in JMeter
: Generating test scripts with the help of Selenium
: Adding scripts with the help of Selenium Webdriver Sampler
: Operating and verifying test scripts

Hands-On: Install and configure the Selenium Webdriver plugin
                 : Design, perform & verify a Selenium test script, implement login, navigation, read & write procedures on Github, & measure performance metrics using JMeter

Course Description

If you choose this course from CertOcean's platform, then we will equip you with complete knowledge of JMeter. You will know about JMeter's various functionalities, which you will use to analyze a software or an application's performance. We know that there exist multiple workloads due to different working environments. Using your skill of Performance Testing Using JMeter, you will be able to check the performance and also the ways to improve security. If you study well from our course, you might become a certified practitioner with intensified training.

This training course is for all those who possess work experience in some specific fields. Those fields include:
*    A Software Tester
*    Application Developers
*    Solution Architect
*    Integration Specialist
After completing this Performance Testing Using JMeter course, you will know about Performance Testing methods with the help of JMeter, implement various strategies to improve the security, and know about Non-Functional Testing concepts and their types. Finally, the essential thing that you will learn is checking the performance of applications under different workloads.
The initial conditions for taking up this JMeter online training are:
*    You should have experience with any programming language. The preferable language, according to us, is Java.
*    The second prior condition for taking up this course is knowing the Software Development Life Cycle.

To aid you in improving your existing skill, CertOcean is providing you with some Java Essentials videos.
The necessary specifications of the system for JMeter online training consist of anyone among Windows, Mac, and Linux PC. In terms of RAM, your system should be a minimum of 4GB RAM. There should be a minimum of 20GB HDD storage with an Intel Core i3 processor or above.
The specification for the Operation System required is Windows. We will use Windows throughout the JMeter course. For instructions regarding environment setup, you can refer to the installation guide in LMS.
This online training comprises all those case studies that will revise the concepts you have learned in the course.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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