Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) course



Course Curriculum

The GMAT online course is basically spread into four sections. Below are the four sections of the ‘Graduate Management Admission Test’ course:
1. Analytical Writing section
2. Integrated Reasoning section
3. Quantitative aptitude section
4. Verbal reasoning section

Learning objective: Under this GMAT training online, the participants have to write the answers to the questions asked from the passage. Candidates need to focus on the writing skills along with the method of writing and presenting the answer in the answer sheet

1. Argument Essay - A passage of argument will be given to the candidate. The candidate needs to analyze the passage, and then with the taught structure, he/she needs to present their answer. They will be judged based on the presentation and writing skills of the argument presented by the candidate.

2. Issue Essay - Under this header, the candidate will be provided with a passage, which is basically an issue. They need to analyze the given issue well and prepare a solution or opinion in their own words for around 600 words. The opinion should be in support of the issue.

Learning objective: This section is a new addition to this test course. Here, candidates will develop the evaluation ability. A graph will be provided to the candidate and he/she will be asked to evaluate the data.

1. Table Analysis:
The candidate will be provided the data in the format of the table and they need to evaluate that data with the help of their integrated reasoning abilities or skills developed during the GMAT course.
2. Two divisions analysis:
Under this analysis, they will check the candidates' ability and courage to solve the problems of the complex questions having the skills to give the perfect solutions. Either the problem asked could be a verbal one, quantitative one, or even both.
3. Multi-source reasoning:
This section of the GMAT test will check the candidate’s ability to interpret data and to analyze the data. The sources could be anything, for example, the data table, graphics, passages of the text, etc.
4. Graphics Interpretation:
This section will check the ability of the candidate about how well the candidate can interpret the data by extracting it from the format of the graph, or maybe the graphical image can also be given as the question for the purpose of data.
Learning objective: Basically, under this section of the GMAT test, the candidate has to give the correct answers in the multiple-choice questions format. Most of the questions will be from the course of mathematics. The following are they:

1. Data sufficiency:
Under this section, the candidate has to be careful as it's all about playing with the data. Check, analyze, and interpret the data.
2. Problem-solving:
It is all about logic and reasoning. Mostly quantitative problems are asked in the GMAT test.

1. Elementary Algebra
2. Geometry
3. Arithmetic
4. Properties of integers
5. Ratio Proportions
6. Exponents and roots
7. Linear equations
8. Permutations and combinations
The verbal reasoning section also comprises of multiple choice questions because this section also comes under objective questions. The following are the subdivisions of the GMAT Verbal reasoning section:

1. Critical reasoning
2. Sentence correction
3. Reading comprehension

Here are the further sub-parts which is covered by the Verbal reasoning section in the GMAT test course:
* Sentence correction related to omission or finding error
* Countable Vs Uncountable
* The rhetorical construction of the sentences
* Reading unseen passages
* Parallelism
* Subject-verb agreement
* Critical reasoning
* Misplace modifiers

Course Description

The overall practice of each section will be provided well to the participants adopting the GMAT online course from CERTOCEAN institute. We are famous for our results and promises. GMAT is a computer-based test, which means it will be taken through the mode of the internet. One needs to develop Writing skills and Quantitative aptitude abilities to crack the course and pass the test. Our experts will be there 24x7 to solve the queries with firm determination and lots of practice, and will give fruitful results for sure.

Various reasoning and writing skills will be developed in the candidate. Such skills will further be helpful to the candidate to know the real world of market and management.
As we mentioned above, the skills and techniques you will learn in this GMAT online course will help you in your entire life in the field of management. The mathematical problems solving abilities will boost your courage and confidence.
Basically, it is a computer adaptive test shortly known as CAT. More than 2 lakh students appear for this course and test every year. This graduate management admission test acronym GMAT online training course and test will help you in your post-graduation courses such as MBA (Masters in business administration). The time duration of this GMAT is 3 hours 7 minutes. It is a computer-based adaptive test.
It requires brand new versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.
The minimum resolution is 1024 X 768 in 16-bit colors.
Practices of tricky questions, solving previous years' question papers, and daily problem-solving
sums will be helpful for the participants to develop well in each section.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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