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Business Intelligence and Visualizations

Course Curriculum

Learning Points: In this module, you will comprehend the different ideas of Data Warehousing. You will realize why we perform ETL activities before stacking information to the Data distribution center. You will get a short prologue to Business Intelligence.


• Fundamental ideas of Data Warehousing

• Conceptions of Dimensions, Measures, Metadata, Schemas

• Data Marts and Design

• Normalization, Denormalization, and also Schema types

• Online Analytical Processing along with Transactional Processing ideas

• OLAP Cube

• Types of slow Changing Dimensions

• Explain ETL measure and different assignments associated with it

• Discuss Business Intelligence ideas

• How BI works with data

• Power BI Certification as One-stop Solution


• Installation of SQL Server

• Installation of SQL Server Data Tools

• Create little ETL Tasks


• Understand Data Warehousing Conceptions

• Understand ETL Conceptions

• Comprehend Business Intelligence Concepts

• Installation of SQL worker

Learning Points: In this module, you will learn and comprehend the integration device's requirement and its centrality in the business. You will get familiar with SSIS's significance as a coordination apparatus and get an elevated level perspective on general engineering.


• Learn about the MSBI Architecture, Import and Export wizard

• Know the SSIS Architecture

• Control Flow and all the Components (Tasks, Containers, and Precedence Constraints)

• Data Flow and its Components (Source and Destination Connections, various kinds of Transformations)

• Scenarios by consolidating Control Flow and Data Flow parts

• System and User-defined variables


• Create and Control Flow task utilizing SSIS

• Make a data flow task to aggregate records  

• Create a control task and run the task for creating an index.


• Understand SSIS

• Understand Control stream and Dataflow

Learning Points: In this module, you will have the option to separate between different changes and comprehend their utilization in different business use-cases.


• Data Conversion change

• Multicast variation

• Union all transformation

• Conditional Split change

• Merge and Merge Join modification

• Lookup transformation

• Cached Lookup change

• Foreach circle and use-cases

• Proceeding to Execute SQL Task with an Object return type and also the type of Output usage.

• Bulk inserting task

• Archival process utilizing dynamic factors and FST


• Conditional Split change

• Use Foreach circle to rehash Data Flow Task for different records

• Use Foreach circle along with the File System Task for Data Archival

• Use Changing Dimension for embedding another record and updating a record


• Understand different changes

• Understand their utilization in business use-cases

Learning Points: In this module, you will see how the center SSIS work process objects work and interface with one another to help in security and other vital capacities.


• Parameters, Event Handling

• Transaction Options, Logging choices, Log Provider, CheckPoints.

• Configuration of Error Output and OnErrors

• Package Security: Package Protection Levels


• Create Event Handling Task

• Parameterize packages  


• Know Event Handling

• Understanding of Package Security in SSIS

Learning Points: In this module, you will learn progressed SSIS programming highlights, which will help deal with custom necessities utilizing .Net code. Likewise, you will figure out how to design and send SSIS venture projects.


• Script Component, Package Configurations (5 sorts)

• Debugging, restoring along with Troubleshooting

• Executing bundles – DTExec and DTExecUI

• Package Deployment

• Package Scheduling utilizing SQL Agent

• Know Package Performance Tuning

• Educating in SSIS Best Practices

• Package Presentation Tuning

• SSIS Best Practices


• Implement custom code utilizing Script Task

• Create a control stream task comprising of a Script undertaking to direct email


• Learn Custom Code

• Understand Package Configuration

• Know all about the Deployment Models

Learning Points: This module will help learn SQL Server Analysis Services Overview and its Architecture. It additionally covers different sorts of SSAS models alongside planning measurements and measure groups. You will likewise find out about SSAS Administration with the prime spotlight on processing and deployment.


• All about SASS

• It's Architecture

• Features

• Modelling  

• Tabular and Multidimensional Model

• Data Sources and Data Source Views

• Identification of Fact and Dimensions

• Dimensions Design

• Dimension Hierarchies

• Design the Measure Groups

• Attribution of Relationships

• Storage Modes: MOLAP, HOLAP, ROLAP, Partitions


• Making dimensions and hierarchies  

• Define a shape

• Make Data Source and also Data Source Views


• Understanding of the SSAS Ideas

• Learn Data Modeling Conceptions

• Design Dimension and also the Measure Groups

• Import all Data in SSAS from different information sources

Learning Points: In this module, gain proficiency with MDX and DAX's nuts and bolts and become more acquainted with the bit by bit approach of essential SSAS Performance Tuning and Troubleshooting. You will likewise become familiar with the ideas of Ad-hoc Reporting and the production of a report against SSAS as an information source.


• SSAS Deployment

• Methods of database arrangement

• Named Calculations and also inquiries

• Aggregation, KPIs, Translations, Actions, Perspectives

• Cube Processing

• Diverse Processing Options

• Explanation of MDX and DAX Queries

• Loading Data inside the DW utilizing SSIS, MDX inquiries, DAX Queries

• Optimization of the performance of 3D shape and Dimension, Best Practices

• Programme the Cube handling


• Retrieve tabular data by utilizing DAX

• Plan out the Cube preparing

• Retrieve of data information from a Cube using MDX question


• Learn the SSAS Deployment and Cube Processing

• Know about MDX and DAX Queries

• Explanation of Performance Optimization

Learning Points: In this module, comprehend Reporting Services, its Architecture, and learn how to design it. You will likewise find out where reports are made and about the server where the reports are conveyed.


• SSRS Features

• Reporting Services Architecture and the SSRS Lifecycle

• Reporting Parameters and it’s increased Multi-Valued

• Cascaded Parameters

• Kinds of Reports: Parameterized, Linked, Snapshot, Clickthrough, Drillthrough, Subreports, Cached, Ad hoc

• Creating Groups, Filters, Alternate Row Colors, Repeating Row Headers, Column Headers Expressions Sort and Interactive Sort

• Defining Mobile report publication

• Export of Reports to various arrangements and formats


• Building gathering in table

• Interactive sort on the table

• Generate a report on Annual Sales

• Export PDF report


• Knowing SSRS Concepts

• Understand different sorts of Reports

• Export Reports to various Formats

Learning Points: In this module, get to know about the various types of reports and their functionalities alongside the most acceptable practices to be followed. You will likewise find out about different SSRS Administrative exercises.


• Web Portal

• Deploying Reports along with the Data Sources

• Secured access to Reports (it’s a Role-based Security)

• Security aspects  

• Data Source Security System, Snapshot and the Caching Report

• Subscriptions: Standard and also Data-Driven reports

• With Report Builder Manage Subscriptions and perform Ad-Hoc Reporting

• Amalgamation of Power BI certification with SSRS


• Assign functions to a user or group

• Make a linked report

• Get users from different areas to access similar projects

• You can use Web Portal for deploying and accessing projects


• Learn about Web Portal

• Configuration of Data Source Security

• Developing the SSRS report utilizing MDX

Learning Points: In this module, you need to know how MSBI ecosystem segments cooperate in a Business Intelligence climate to tackle Organizational information issues. The module covers start to finish usage from Data Retrieval to the Data Transformation till Data Loading into DWH and Data Modeling for the final Report Delivery.


• Complete Business Intelligence Business Scenario that includes SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and MDX.

• MS BI Best Practices


• Case study to execute a situation utilizing SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and MDX


• Implement conditions utilizing SSIS, SSAS, and MDX

Course Description

Microsoft BI Certification Training Course intends to give bits of knowledge into various instruments in Microsoft BI Suite (SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services). Organizations are searching for mastery in SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS ideas. This current course will give you practical information on Data Warehouse ideas and how these instruments help in building up a strong start to finish BI arrangement utilizing the Microsoft BI Suite.

Power BI Certification
course preparation, we intend to make you a guaranteed Business Intelligence Analyst by giving you rich knowledge involved in preparing on Microsoft's business insight instrument. This course is the venturing stone towards your Analyst venture by deal with different modern activities.

Power BI Certification is one of the quickening and most encouraging fields in considering all the advancements accessible in the IT market today. To accept the advantage of these open door opportunities, you need an organized preparation with a refreshed educational program according to current industry prerequisites and best practices.

Other than substantial hypothetical agreement, you need to chip away at different genuine BI ventures utilizing diverse Microsoft BI apparatuses and ideas as a piece of arrangement procedure.

Moreover, you need the counsel of a specialist who is right now working in the business handling genuine Analytics challenges.

After the finishing of Microsoft BI Certification Training, you will have the option to:

• Discuss DW ideas that include the ETL and also the Multidimensional demonstrating

• Implementation from start to finish the ETL framework and utilizing SQL Server Integration Services

• Creation of Cubes and then direct them in SSAS

• Creating of various sorts of reports and also the representations of the reports using SSRS

• Discuss the ideas and real need for impromptu reports

• Load information and data by using MDX and DAX questions

• Incorporate different BI apparatuses for the fabrication of a total BI arrangement

There are no requirements for the Microsoft BI Certification Training course. Essential comprehension of RDBMS would be a bit of leeway.

Power BI certification course will sharpen your abilities by offering you extensive information on Business Intelligence and the necessary active experience for comprehending continuous industry-based ventures.

During the power BI Certification course, our master educators will prepare you to:

• Analyze informational collections and programming programs, and you'd have the option to see associations and make importance out of the introduced information.

• Implement ETL framework utilizing SQL worker joining administrations

• Model, measure, and imagine your information in an exact way

• Design venture level detailing and changing information data warehousing

• Become expert and knowledgeable in Microsoft's instruments like report manufacturer, power viewing  

• Incorporate different BI tools to assemble a comprehensive solution

• Solve Industry put together Project concerning the Analytics

The market for Analytics is developing worldwide, and this solid development design converts into an incredible scope for all IT Professionals. Our MSBI Training encourages you to get this chance and succeed like never before. It is most appropriate for:

Programming and Analytics experts who have the foundation or the experience of any RDBMS, ETL, OLAP, or any other apparatuses are the actual beneficiaries of this MSBI course.

This course's necessity is a framework with an Intel i3 processor or above, at least 4GB RAM, and 20 GB HDD Storage.

How to execute the practical's in the Microsoft BI Certification Training preparation? 

For the work in our Microsoft BI Certification, we will enable you to set up the Microsoft BI advancement climate. The definite bit by bit establishment aides will be available in your LMS, which will help you introduce and set-up the necessary environment. If you go over any uncertainty, the 24*7 help group will instantly help you.
Microsoft BI Certification Training incorporates various ongoing, industry-based tasks, which will sharpen your aptitudes according to current industry guidelines and set you up for the impending Business Intelligence jobs. Toward the course's finish, you will take a shot at a Live Project, which will be a start to finish Business Intelligence contextual analysis including SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, and MDX


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

"You will never miss a class with us. You can pick any of the two alternatives:

• View the recorded meeting of the class accessible in your LMS.

• You can go to the missed meeting and attend a live batch.

Your admittance to the Support Team is for a lifetime and will be accessible to you day in and day out. The group will help you in settling questions during and after the course.

Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be quickly given to you and will be accessible for a lifetime. You will have the option to get to the total arrangement of past class chronicles, PPTs, PDFs, tasks. Also, the admittance to our 24x7 help group will be allowed immediately too. You can begin learning directly.

Indeed, the accessibility to the course material will be available for a lifetime for students who were a part of the course.
Beginners need to understand the concept of Microsoft-bi-certification and then get a bit of knowledge about data visualization. Only then should they start the course. However, our courses are simple enough to help beginners learn from scratch.
Tableau, Power BI, Google Charts, FusionChart, D3, Infogram, and ChartBlocks are some of the other Data Visualization tools. These are the most popular visualization tools in the market.
Yes, we have tailored the training material to ensure that the entire syllabus is covered and the Microsoft Power BI certification exam is cleared right at the first attempt.
Many professionals have achieved getting their dream job by the completion of the Microsoft BI certification course. However, with many tech functionalities upgrading itself, one needs to stay abreast in the market and continuously learn new things and join upgraded courses to sharpen their skillsets.
Once you complete the Microsoft BI certification course and pass the exam, the industry-recognized certificate has lifetime validity.

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