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Big Data and Analytics

Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: Understand Big Data and its segments, for example, HDFS. You will find out about the Hadoop Cluster Architecture, Introduction to Apache Spark Certification Training, and the contrast between clump handling and constant preparing.


  • What is Big Data?

  • Huge Data Customer Scenarios

  • Constraints and Solutions of Existing Data Analytics Architecture with Uber Use Case

  • How Hadoop Solves the Big Data Problem?

  • What is Hadoop?   

  • Hadoop's Key Characteristics

  • Hadoop Ecosystem as well as HDFS

  • Hadoop Core Components

  • Rack Awareness and Block Replication

  • Hadoop Cluster and its Architecture

  • Hadoop Terminal Commands P   

  • Enormous Data Analytics with Batch and Real-time Processing

  • Why is apache spark training required?

  • What is Spark?

  • How Spark contrasts different structures?

Learning Objectives: Learn the nuts as well as bolts of Scala that are needed for programming Spark applications. You will likewise find out about Apache Spark Training 's essential builds, for example; factor types, control structures, and assortments, Array, ArrayBuffer, Map, Lists, and more.


  • What is Scala?    

  • Why Scala for Spark?

  • Scala in different Frameworks

  • Prologue to Scala REPL

  • Fundamental Scala Operations

  • Variable Types in Scala

  • Control Structures in Scala P   

  • For each circle, Functions, as well as Procedures

  • Assortments in Scala-Array

  • ArrayBuffer, Map, Tuples, as well as Lists, and more

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will find out about article arranged programming as well as practical programming procedures in Scala.


  • Utilitarian Programming

  • Higher-Order Functions

  • Mysterious Functions

  • Class in Scala P 

  • Properties with just Getters

  • Helper Constructor and Primary Constructor

  • Singletons

  • Expanding a Class P   

  • Superseding Methods

  • Qualities as Interfaces and Layered Traits

Learning Objectives: Get an understanding of Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training

 - RDDs and other RDD related controls for actualizing business rationales (Transformations, Actions, as well as Functions performed on RDD).


  • Difficulties in Existing Computing Methods

  • Plausible Solution and How RDD Solves the Problem

  • What is RDD, Its Operations, Transformations, as well as Actions P   

  • Information Loading as well as Saving Through RDDs P   

  • Key-Value Pair RDDs

  • Other Pair RDDs, Two Pair RDDs

  • RDD Lineage

  • RDD Persistence

  • WordCount Program Using RDD Concepts

  • RDD Partitioning as well as How It Helps Achieve Parallelization

  • Passing Functions to apache spark and scala certification training

Learning Objectives: In this module of Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training, you will find out about SparkSQL, which is utilized to handle organized information with SQL questions, information outlines, as well as datasets in Spark SQL alongside various SQL tasks performed on the information outlines. You will likewise find out about Spark and Hive coordination.


  • The requirement for Spark SQL

  • What is Spark SQL?   

  • Spark SQL Architecture

  • SQL Context in Spark SQL

  • Client Defined Functions

  • Information Frames and Datasets P   

  • Interoperating with RDDs

  • JSON and Parquet File Formats

  • Stacking Data through Different Sources

  • Spark – Hive Integration

Learning Objectives: Learn why AI is required, diverse Machine Learning strategies or calculations, as well as Apache Spark Training MLlib.


  • Why Machine Learning?

  • What is Machine Learning?    

  • Where is Machine Learning Used?

  • Face Detection: USE CASE

  • Various Types of Machine Learning Techniques P   

  • Prologue to MLlib

  • Highlights of MLlib and MLlib Tools

  • Different ML calculations upheld by MLlib

Learning Objectives: Implement different calculations upheld by MLlib, for example, Linear Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, and more.


  • Administered Learning - Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, as well as Random Forest  

  • Solo Learning - K-Means Clustering as well as How It Works with MLlib P   

  • Examination on US Election Data utilizing MLlib (K-Means) 

Learning Objectives: Understand Kafka and its Architecture. Additionally, find out about Kafka Cluster, how to arrange various kinds of Kafka Cluster. Get acquainted with Apache Flume, its design, as well as how it is coordinated with Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training for occasion handling. Eventually, figure out how to ingest streaming information utilizing flume. 


  • Requirement for Kafka

  • What is Kafka?   

  • Center Concepts of Kafka

  • Kafka Architecture

  • Where is Kafka Used?

  • Flume Sinks

  • Understanding the Components of Kafka Cluster

  • Arranging Kafka Cluster

  • Kafka Producer and Consumer Java API

  • The need for Apache Flume

  • What is Apache Flume?   

  • Flume Sources

  • Fundamental Flume Architecture

  • Flume Channels

  • Flume Configuration P   

Learning Objectives: Work on Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training streaming, which is thus utilized to fabricate scalable flaw lenient streaming applications. Likewise, find out about DStreams and different Transformations performed on the streaming information. You will become more acquainted with generally utilized streaming administrators, for example, Sliding Window Operators and Stateful Operators.


  • Downsides in Existing Computing Methods

  • Why is Streaming Necessary?

  • What is Spark Streaming?   

  • Spark Streaming Features

  • Spark Streaming Workflow P   

  • How Uber Uses Streaming Data

Course Description

Apache Spark Certification Training Course is intended to equip you with full-fledged information and aptitudes to turn into a fruitful Big Data and Spark Developer. Thus, this Training would assist you in clearing the CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer (CCA175) Examination.

You will thus understand the rudiments of Big Data and Hadoop. You will figure out how Spark empowers in-memory information handling and runs a lot quicker than Hadoop MapReduce. This will likewise find out about RDDs, Spark SQL for organized handling, diverse APIs offered by Spark, for example, Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training Streaming, and Spark MLlib. So, this course is a vital portion of a Big Data Developer's Career way. It will likewise incorporate the essential ideas, for example, information catching utilizing Flume, information stacking using Sqoop, informing framework like Kafka, and so on.

Industry specialists thus plan spark Certification Training to make you an Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training Developer. So, the Spark Scala Course offers:

  • Big Data and Hadoop including YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator), HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

  • Complete information on different apparatuses that fall in Spark Ecosystem like Spark SQL, Spark MlLib, Sqoop, Kafka, Flume, as well as Spark Streaming

  • The capacity to ingest data in HDFS utilizing Sqoop and Flume as well as break down those enormous datasets put away in the HDFS

  • The intensity of handling constant information through a distribute buy-in informing framework like Kafka

  • The presentation to some genuine industry-based activities which will be thus executed utilizing CertOcean CloudLab

Spark is one of the most developing and generally utilized devices for Big Data and Analytics. So, it has been received by numerous organizations falling into different areas around the world and, along these lines, offers promising professional openings. Moreover, to partake in these sort of chances, you need an organized training adjusted according to Cloudera Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification (CCA175) and current industry prerequisites and best practices.

Other than solid hypothetical understanding, it is fundamental to have substantial hands-on experience. Thus, during the Cert Ocean Spark and Scala course, you will be dealing with different industry-based use-cases and tasks consolidating considerable information and spark devices as a piece of arrangement technique.

Furthermore, every one of your questions will be tended to by the business proficient, right now chipping away at genuine enormous information and investigation ventures.

You need a system with good internet connectivity.
For all the projects, you can use the lab environment created for the Apache Spark Training.

CloudLab is a cloud-based Hadoop and Spark environment provided to the professionals by Cert Ocean for in-class demos execution and projects in a fluent manner. With a CloudLab, you can save time and trouble from installing and maintaining Apache Spark on the virtual machine. You can access the CloudLab via your browser without any prior hardware configuration. 

Students will complete two projects related to the financial and transportation industry to understand real-case scenarios and learn how to solve these issues. It enhances a leaner’s experience to load the model and make predictions on each Spark streaming request.


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