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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives:-In this learning module, you will get introduced to new and unique MS Excel 2016. We also discuss Advanced MS Excel 2016 concepts.

Topics:- What is there new in MS excel, Advanced MS excel course.

Skills:-  Familiarization with advanced excel course online, Introduction to new features in Ms excel.

Hands-On:- How to get hands-on shortcuts of Ms excel 2016?

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will learn about custom as well as conditional formatting. This learning module includes topics on customizing Quick Access Toolbar. It also explains various conditional formatting available in MS Excel 2016, which are very useful.


Learn the skill of customization of Quick Access Toolbar in Ms excel.

Learn applications of conditional and custom formatting.


Customizing Quick Access Toolbar
Conditional Formatting


Customizing Quick Access Toolbar

Conditional Formatting

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will learn how to apply advanced functions and formulas. This module covers topics on advanced logic, text, lookup, and its functions. It also discusses how to detect errors and evaluate formulas. 


Application of advanced functions and formulas

Tracing errors and evaluating formulas


Logical Functions

Text Functions

Lookup and Reference Functions

Formula Auditing


Name Ranges and application.


Using logical functions, lookups in excel.

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will learn how to work with advanced data tools. This learning module covers topics on advanced data tools, like converting text to columns and data validation. It also discusses how to implement what-if tools in MS excel. 


Understand advanced data tools


Text to Column

Data Validation

What-If Analysis

Duplicate Removal

Data Sanitation through excel - Sorting, Filtering


Data Validation through excel using the given assignment

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will learn how to use pivot tables and charts for analyzing data. This learning module covers topics on pivot tables, pivot charts. It also demonstrates the application of advanced filters in MS excel in 2016. 


Implementation of Pivot tables and charts

Application of advanced filters


Data analysis using regular charts, formatting of charts, secondary axis use, scatter plots in excel.

Data analysis using a Pivot table and pivot charts and sparklines

Running regression in excel, ANOVA, etc.

Cover basic stats through MS excel - Functions like correlation, average, regression functions.


Data analysis through excel using Pivots, charts, regression

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will be introduced to recording and using Macros. This learning module covers topics on how to record and run Macros. It also discusses how to edit Marcos in MS excel. 


Comprehension of Macros

Application of Macros


Introduction to Macros

Record Macros

Run Macros

Edit Macros


Recording, editing, and running Macros

Learning Objectives: In this learning module, you will learn how to restrict and protect your data. This learning module covers topics on protecting cells, sheets, and workbooks. It also discusses how to assign edit range function in MS Excel 2016. 


Protection of Cells, Sheets, and Workbook

Customization of ranges for individual users


Protect Cells

Protect Sheet

Protect Workbook

Protect Ranges


Protecting cells, sheets, workbook, and ranges on the workbook created in Module 7 in excel.

Learning Objectives: This is an essential learning module to get you ready for the certification project 


Perform and conduct advanced tools and techniques in Excel 2016


Conduct Excel 2016 abilities and techniques

Course Description

This advanced Excel training and techniques cover concepts like Lookup functions, Logical functions, Data validation, Pivot tables, Pivot charts, Advanced Filters, Macros, and Data Security.

After the completion of this advanced excel training, you will be able to get hands-on:

Learn new features in MS Excel 2016 and conduct advanced excel concepts

Customize and design Quick Access toolbar and apply conditional formatting to personalize the sheet in 

Apply more advanced functions and formulas to enhance Excel's productivity

Perform What-if analysis command to experiment with data

Apply data validation to restrict data input

Design Pivot tables and Pivot charts to analyze data and apply slicer and timeline to add more interactivity with the user.

Use Macros to automate routine tasks in Excel.

Integrate passwords to protect Excel files

Use Excel shortcuts wherever applicable.

Advanced MS Excel 2016 Course will help student master his/her Excel skills and kick it up a notch. We designed this advanced excel course online to equip you with skills to create and work on MS Excel capabilities like:

New features of 2016 to help you optimize the platform to the best of its ability and quality.

Master advanced functions and formulas to perform calculations, data tools to manipulate data, and use Macros to automate routine MS Excel 2016.

Use advanced charts, graphs, and Pivot tables to perform advanced data analysis in excel.

The following professionals can take up this VBA in Advanced MS Excel course:

Data Analyst

Financial Analyst

Advanced Excel User

Fresher seeking jobs in Analytics/Consulting job streams

There are no prerequisites for this advanced Ms excel course. Though, a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel will be supportive.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • Companies such as NVIDIA, Dell, Walmart have a very great demand for data analysts with advanced excel knowledge.

  • The average payout for a Data Analyst with MS Excel skills is Rs. 354K per year.

  • MS Excel is the most demanded software skill for Indeed jobs.


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