Natural Language Processing with Python Certificate Course



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Course Curriculum

Learning Module: During this module, you find text mining and other ways of extracting and reading  information from some ordinary file types, which include NLTK corpora.

* A general run-through of text mining
* Necessary of text mining
* Natural Language Processing (NLP) in text mining
* Candidates for text mining
* OS module
* Reading, writing to text, and word files.
* NLTK Environment setting
* Accessing the NLTK corpora

Learning Module:  Through this module, you will understand various ways of text extraction and cleaning using NLTK

* Tokenization
* Frequency Distribution
* Various types of Tokenizers
* Bigrams, Trigrams, and Ngrams
* Stemming
* Lemmatization
* Stopwords
* POS Tagging
* Named Entity Recognition (NER) Demo/Trial
* Tokenization
* Bigrams, Trigrams, and Ngrams
* Stopwords
* POS Tagging
* Named Entity Recognition (NER)
Learning module: During this module, you learn how to analyze a phrase structure employing a cluster of words to make phrases and sentences using NLP and use of English synchronic linguistics.


* Syntax Trees
* Chunking
* Chinking
* Context-Free Grammars (CFR)
* Automating Text Paraphrasing Demo/Trial
* Passing Syntax Trees
* Chunking
* Chinking
* Automate Text Phrasing with the use of CFG's

Learning Objective: Through this module, you will get to know about text classification, vectorization  approach or techniques and processing using scikit-learn

* Machine Learning Brushup
* Bag of Words
* Countvectorizer
* Term Frequency (TF)
* Inverse Document Frequency Demo/Trial
* Exhibit Bag of Words approach
* Collaborating with Countvectorizer
* Using TF and IDF

Learning Objective: This module will teach you to build a Machine Learning classifier for text classification.

* Conversion of text to features and labels
* Multinomial Naive Bayes Classifier
* Leveraging Confusion Matrix Demo/Trial
* Conversion of text to features and labels
* Demonstrate text classification using Multinomial NB classifier
* Leveraging Confusion Matrix
Goal: You will learn about Sentiment Classification on Movie Rating Dataset.

Objective: By the end of the module, you should be capable of:
* Implement all the text process techniques beginning with tokenization
* Express your work from scratch to end on Text Mining
* Implement machine learning at the side of the text process

Course Description

It focuses on step-by-step guide to NLP and Text Analytics with in-depth active victimization using Python program language. We packed it up with plenty of real-life examples where you can apply your learnings to use. In this nlp with python course, we mentioned the features such as Semantic Analysis, Text process, Sentiment Analytics, and machine learning. This course is for anyone who works with information and text with sensible analytical background and exposure to Python Programming language.  We have made this nlp with python course to teach you the most important topics & methodologies that are deployed in Natural Language Processing with Python using Python Programme Language. You will be ready to build your machine learning model for text classification. Towards the course's tip, we will be discussing numerous sensible, practical cases of NLP in the python programming language to reinforce your learning expertise.

Natural Language Processing (or Text Analytics/Text Mining) deploys analytical tools to incline text data collections, for instance, books, newspapers, emails, social media, etc. The goal is to be similar to human learning by reading such material. However, through automated algorithms, we can learn many texts, much more than a human being can. It brings a revolutionary change by giving rise to chatbots and virtual assistants to assist one system in addressing immeasurable students' queries.

NLP is a branch of computing that has various vital implications on how computers and humans move. Human Language developed thousands of years ago has become a shady sort of communication that carries the wealth of knowledge that transcends the words alone.
NLP can become a chief important technology in perking up the gap between human contact and digital information.
Once you complete Natural Language Processing with Python course training, you will be able to:
* Learn the basis of Natural Language Processing in the famous Python Library
* Learn techniques to access or modify common file types
* Mater the art of step-by-step process using python l notebooks
* Learn the insights of the roles played by NLP engineer
* Acquire knowledge about Bag of Words Modelling and Tokenization of text
* Use the n-grams model to model and analyze the bag of words from Corpus.
* Learn the conversion of text to vector using word frequency count, etc
* Work with instantaneous data.
* Detailed learning about Sentiment Analysis: one of the fascinating courses of Natural
* Language Processing
* Learn the skill of business handling for future and present living.
CertOcean's Natural Language Processing with Python course training is suitable for the following professionals:
* From a school student having exposure to programming to a technical architect/led in an organization
* Developers ambitious to be data scientists
* Analytic Managers leading the team of analysts
* Business Analysts eager to understand and learn text mining techniques
* Python professionals wanting to design automatic prophetic models on text information
* "This is suitable for everyone."

To enrol in this course of Natural Language Processing with Python, you need a good understanding of Python Programming and Machine learning concepts. As a complementary gesture, CertOcean offers you a self-paced nlp with python course in your LMS on Python to polish your programming skills.
You will be doing your practical on the Cloud LAB environment, which has all the requirements for  practicals execution, so you don't have to worry about the system requirements.
You will do all the assignments/case studies in the LAB Environment, whose further details will be available on LMS.


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