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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: This section of the Java course certification deals will cover the basics of Java. At the end of this module, you will be able to work with control statements and operators.

Topics: Overview of Java, Byte Code, Java (JRE and JDK), Data Types & Variables, Naming Convention of Variables, GC + Memory Management, Operators, Control Statements.
Learning Objectives: In this part, learners will get a better insight into looping in Java. They will be able to implement different constructors and also use arrays in a class.

Topics: Constructor, Class & Objects, For Loop, Arrays, Do-While Loop, While Loop.
Learning Objectives: At the end of this module, you will be able to implement in your applications the OOP concepts like Method Overloading, Inheritance, and Method Overriding.

Topics: Method and Classes, Defining & Importing Packages, Method Overloading, Inheritance, Method Overriding, Super Keyword.
Learning Objectives: This is the fourth section of this java course certification course; after whose completion, you will efficiently perform Abstract Class and Interface, which has Abstract methods. You will gain a better understanding of extending the Abstract class and implement the class interface as well.

: Abstract Methods, Defining & Implementing an Interface, Abstract Class, Enums.
Learning Objectives: With the completion of this fifth section of the course for java certification online, you will be able to save the data dynamically with Arraylist and Hash Maps' help. Your application can later use this data.

Topics: Reading Console Input, I/O Basics, Writing Console Output, Methods with Arraylist, Arraylist, Hash Tables & Hash Maps, Iterator.
Learning Objectives: Thread is the requirement of every Java application, and this module will explain how to create threads. This java course certification also describes the methods to implement multithreading in your application.

Topics: Java Thread Model, Synchronization, Thread Priorities, Ways, Runnable, Creation of Threads in Multiple, Inter-thread Communication.
Learning Objectives: The seventh section of this java online course covers the topic Exception Handling and Deadlocks.

Topics: Exceptions, Exception Deadlock, and Handling.

b: You will be able to build connectivity with MS Access with JDBC drivers' help.

Topics: SQL Basics, Joins, JDBC Basics, Basic Function, Project Discussion, Connecting to

Course Description

CertOcean's java certification online course is for all those keen learners who wish to
become a renowned Java Developer. Comprehensive java online course by CerOcean
provides the learners with the best possible practical approach. The course starts with the
basic concepts and slowly takes you to higher-level concepts like Inheritance, Database
Connectivity, and Method Overloading & Overriding.

The objectives of the comprehensive Java online course are as follows:
? Performing the concepts of Objects and Classes.
? Implementing the concept of Method Overloading & Overriding.
? Knowing the benefits of Inheritance and Interface.
? Using Array and HashMap to store data in the application dynamically.
? Applying the concept of thread with the help of Runnable.
? Establishing a connection between your application and MS Access with the help of
JDBC drivers.
Every individual who is interested in learning Java and achieve a strong foundation in Java
Programming are heartily welcomed for our course on java certification online.
Below are the reasons why you should learn a comprehensive Java Course:
? Platform Independent: Due to this cause, you can run Java on any platform.
? Usability of Java: The most demanded language in today's world is Java. Almost in
every domain, you can find Java.
? Open Source: This means that you do not have to buy Java. It is free. The Java
Development Tools and JDK & JRE are entirely free.

? Android: Today, people are so in love with Android, which needs Java. Due to this,
Java has become very important for us. Java is doing very well in the Mobile Field.
Credit goes to "Android."
? Highlights: The basis of this java certification online course is CertOcean's Project-
Based Learning Approach.
: The sessions on CertOcean's platform are all recorded. If by any chance you
miss the class, then you can watch the videos.
: CertOcean's java online course provides you with quizzes and assignments at
the end of every lecture.
: We award you with
Your LMS contains the procedure to guide you in installation. This guide will assist you in
installing and setting-up Java and Eclipse.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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Our instructors are practitioners from the industry who hold about 10-12 years in the IT industry. CertOcean trains these instructors because of which students find it easy to understand the instructor's teaching methods.

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