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Course Curriculum

Learning objectives: Toward the finish of this module, you will become familiar with about PMI-ACP test, which incorporates; most recent test content, Eligibility standards, Application cycle, and expenses structure, and other important information needed to show up and breeze through the test.

Topics: Talking about which topics we will cover in this module following information will help you.
Concept of PMI
Concept of ACP
Exam and eligibility of ACP
Application process overview of PMI and ACP
Seven Domains and their overviews
Weightage of questions in seven domains
Skills and knowledge
Tools and techniques

Learning Objectives: During this learning journey, you will become familiar with the necessary information on Principles, Manifesto, its essential qualities, and various procedures to rehearse agile thinking.

Let's read the following information to know the topics we cover in the module.
Agile Principles
Agile Manifesto
9 Tasks
Why Agile
Agile leadership
Agile Framework, methodology, and processes
Learning Objective: During this pmi agile certified practitioner training, you will gain proficiency with the instruments and strategies of boosting business esteem through prioritization, gradual conveyance, changing dangers, and regular testing and input. You will likewise become familiar with the different low-tech high-touch instruments utilized in a project related to agile. You will also get acquainted with the idea of Agile contracting and the different kinds of agreements pervasive for Agile Activities.

Topics: Let's see further to teach the knowledge of topics covered in the module
Little's Law
14 Task
Frequent and incremental delivery
Agile value proposition
Minimal marketable product
Value Assessment and economic models
EVM for Agile Projects
Factor Risk reduction efforts into a product backlog
Agile tools
Agile Contracting
Frequent verification and validation
Learning objective: In the journey of PMI ACP training online, you will gain proficiency with the advantages of drawing in partners or, say, stakeholders in the venture. You will likewise figure out how to set up a shared vision, different joint effort strategies, powerful correspondence, and relational aptitudes.  
Topics: We will cover the following information in the module
Agile Modelling
Agile Chartering
9 Task
Through a shared understanding of success criteria, shared vision, transparency on project status, and forecasting, you will need to handle the stakeholder's expectations
Engage with empowered business stakeholders
knowledge sharing
Discuss your project information frequently with your stakeholders
Ensure stakeholder's involvement through working agreements
Learning Objectives: During this PMI ACP certification event, you will get familiar with a high-performing Agile group. This objective incorporates Agile Roles, Team Rules, Team space, Team advancement, Generalized Specialists, Technical and relational aptitudes, tutoring and instructing, Team Performance estimation, Team strengthening, and arising authority.

Topics: Let's discover the topics that we cover in these modules.  
Building an agile Team
Collaborative Team space
Agile Team Roles
Team Motivation
9 Tasks
Training, Coaching, and Mentoring
Empowerment and Emerging Leadership
Dreyfus Skill Acquisition Model
Communication and Knowledge Sharing
Characteristics of High-Performing organization
Cockburn's Skill Mastery Module
Learning Objectives: During this event, you will get familiar with the Agile staggered arranging cycle, Sizing and Estimation, Tools and Techniques, Progressive Elaboration, Rolling Wave Planning, User Stories, Time Boxing, and other spry ideas identified with versatile arranging.

Topics: Let's discuss the following information to know the topics covered by the modules.
Tools and techniques
10 Tasks
Agile vs. predictive planning
User Stories
Product Backlogs
High-level planning
Agile sizing and estimation
Value-based analysis and decomposition
Progressive Elaboration
Rolling Wave Planning
Principles of Agile planning processes
Learning Objective: Toward the finish of this module, you will become familiar with the agile practice to recognize, resolve, and forestall issues and dangers from the get-go in the task and through the venture. You will likewise gain proficiency with the ideas of cost of progress, gotten away from absconds, Technical Debt, Cycle Time and Lead time, Risk-changed overabundance, and Risk burndown chart.

Let's see the following information to get familiar with the information covered in the module
Risk Management of Life Cycle
Problem Detection
5 Tasks
Agile Metrics which include lead time, Cycle Time, Throughput, and defect rate
Impact of problems on the project
Tools and Techniques
To make an open and safe environment
Learning Objective: Through this PMI ACP training online certification process, you will also figure out how the Agile group centers around constant enhancement for the item, measures just as the group through cycle examination and fitting, inputs, audits, and reviews. You will likewise become familiar with the PMI Codes of morals and Professional Conducts anticipated from you as an Agile specialist.

Topics: Let's go through the topics covered in this module
Process Analysis
Product Review and Feedback
Continuous Improvement
6 Tasks
Tools and Techniques
PMI's code of ethics and Professional Conduct

Learning Objectives: We specially designed this module in pmi agile certified practitioner training. It will assist you with understanding the PMI-ACP Exam question designs and the tips to address them. We will likewise control you with an investigation plan, which you may follow to finish your test. It will also contain a rundown of materials and online connections, which you may allude for additional perusing to upgrade your insight and abilities.

Topics: This module covers the following topics
Precious Exam Tips
Full proof Study Plan
Exam Question patterns
Related readings

Course Description

The pmi agile certified practitioner training is one of the most renowned certification programs in the PMI world. ACP is an abbreviation of Agile Certified Practitioner. The Project Management Institute PMI gives this accreditation, and consequently, it is PMI-ACP. PMI ACP certification conveys a significant level of expert uprightness. It is a mix of light-footed preparation, taking a shot at agile undertakings, and analyzing Agile essentials and devices.

CertOcean is a globally recognized brand that provides you with excellent PMI ACP training online facilities.

CertOcean organization has the best PMI ACP training online facilities and excellent instructors who have designed this program to help people achieve Agile Certification. Our organization aims to empower the present and future PMP officials to show their polished agile principles, practices, devices, and strategies. We instruct this course via coaches who have long periods of involvement with preparing and rehearsing Agile Project Management with a portion of the top IT associations.
As the person completes our PMI ACP certification, he or she will be able to:
Through best practices, he or she will build trust with the team fellows and customers.
Assist members with clearing the PMI-ACP® test in the primary endeavor while finishing the necessary 21 contact hour's preparation.
He/she would be able to understand the practices and principles of Agile for enhancing team productivity as well as customer satisfaction.
He or she will achieve the quality of highly transparent communication with team fellows and customers.
Ingrain certainty to oversee projects of different levels .
Gain precious ideas on how team members can be empowered and inspired.
Acquaint oneself with the most recent industry information on the best way to oversee dynamic tasks in the most severe conditions.
Assess one's test readiness and make a customized plan for self-study.

If you are a person who is interested in using Agile project management methodology for software development, then this pmi agile certified practitioner training course is for you. Additionally, people who are seeking to: Understand Agile practices, Agile principles, Agile tools, and techniques can opt for it. No matter if you are a Program Manager, Project Manager, Testing Manager, Analysts, Developer, Software Architect, IT Manager/Director, Tester, Software Engineer, a Team Leaders, a Customer, and Software Manager, anyone can choose this PMI ACP certification.
The pre-requisites for the pmi agile certified practitioner training course is as below:
8 month of working with Agile venture groups and Agile procedures inside the most recent three years. 12 month of general project management on undertaking groups acquired inside the most recent five years (Active PMP® or PgMP® will fulfill this necessity).
Schooling on Agile practices for 21 contact hours.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Due to some circumstances, you could not attend the PMI ACP training online class; then, there is no need to worry. As there would always be two options available for you, that is:
We record every session. So, you can view the recorded session of whichever lecture you were not able to attend.
Yet another, you can attend the missed season in any of the other live batches.

Our support team is active 24/7, and your access to them is for a lifetime. In this way, if you have any queries regarding any of the topics, you can contact them. It doesn't matter that you ask your question during or after the course; the team would help you resolve the query regarding any topic.
Moreover, if you have a query about PMI agile certified practitioner training, then our team would guide you the best. Thus, don't hesitate to dial the support team's number if you have any queries even after completing the course.
If you have a PMI membership, then the ACP exam would cost you $435(USD), but if you are not a PMI member, it would cost you $495(USD). Once you pay the fees, you have to apply directly to PMI for booking your schedule at any of the Prometric test centers. Thus, this is the procedure to apply for the PMI ACP certification course exam.
The PMI ACP certification exam is a computer-based exam which is conducted in the Prometric centers. In this exam, you have to solve 120 multiple questions in one hour. 20 multiple choice questions are from the pre-test question placed randomly in the question paper.
These 20 questions are not evaluated while computing the exam results. Thus, you have to score well in the other 100 questions counted while computing the result.
Yes, we would feel happy to guide you on applying and filling up the ACP application form on the PMI website. Meanwhile, if you have any queries regarding the PMI ACP certification course, our team would happily guide you.
We have added a resume builder tool in your LMS to make this endeavor easy for you. Over there, you would be able to make a winning resume in just 3 easy steps. The plus point is that you would have unlimited access to using these templates across different roles and designations.
You have to log in to your LMS and click on the "create your resume" option for having such benefits. Fill up the essential details in the form, and you are all set to go. Our PMI agile certified practitioner training program makes sure that no one gets disappointed in us.

We ensure that you get the best PMI ACP training online, and for that, we have equipped all the facilities to meet your needs. CertOcean is the authorized Global PMI R.E.P. By choosing CertOcean for the PMI ACP certification; you would be able to understand each concept very deeply and clearly.
Moreover, to meet the continuing education required by PMI credential holders, we issue professional development units or PDUs. That means one PDUs is equal to one hour in which you would learn various activities related to project management and lead toward better professional development.


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