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Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives:

In this module, you will get familiar with the Android stage's fundamental design, download the tools/software utilized by any Android Development Certified engineer, and use them to make your first Android app. You will likewise figure out how to run an Android Certified Application Developer on an emulator and your widget. We will plunge into Certified Android Developer lifecycle and comprehend the working of occasion audience. 

Learning Objectives: 

In this module, you will figure out how to make a UI utilizing the visual apparatuses and the raw XML. We will explore the crust of Android formats and unique and uncomplicated-to code android widgets alongside Implementing Event Receivers. 

Learning Objectives: 

In this module, you will have the option to make applications with numerous exercises and figure out how to impart data between different activities to assist intents and fragments. Likewise, you will have the opportunity to create warnings in android. 

Learning Objectives: 

In this module, you will figure out how to execute various assortments of gadgets accessible in androids like GridView, ListView, and RecyclerView. We will likewise figure out how to achieve one of the four necessary parts of Android Certified Application Developer Broadcast Receivers. We will correspondingly do intense plummet into Android development Certification course structure, which lets you draw various shapes on the screen. Customizing the application subject, extending structure UI parts to make custom perspectives and approving application formats react to availability occasions. This also includes Constructing Option menus for the activity bar routes

Learning Objectives: 

In this module, you will learn the most significant constant structures in the Certified Android Developer framework, viz; Shared Preference, and Android File System. So, we will figure out how to actualize various sorts of activities by the android framework to make excellent android applications. 

Learning Objectives: 

In this module, you can perform errands that ought to keep impeding the client from performing different assignments in the application. Here is when administrations and communicated recipients become an integral factor. You will get familiar with the exceptionally acclaimed API of Certified Android Developer, which is AsyncTask. We will likewise figure out how to actualize SOAP Services. You will comprehend the idea of Retrofit library utilized for playing out these Asynchronous assignments. 

Learning Objectives:

In this day and age, what app doesn't utilize sparing and recovering information? You will discover the most traditional instruments for doing this. You will figure out how to use the android SQLite system. Likewise, you will know how the information can be spared in the data set non concurrently. In the wake of finishing the information base, we will figure out how to utilize not many of the most well-known and influential outside libraries in our Android Certified Application Developer. With the likes picture stacking and information base execution, while composing insignificant code. 

Learning Objectives:

Facebook, DropBox, and Google Drive are a portion of the necessary applications available on practically all client gadgets; we will figure out how to coordinate them in our application. We will likewise figure out how to target the worldwide crowd utilizing confinement and different sensors accessible in Android Development Certification widgets like a compass, Accelerometer, etc. 

Course Description

Through this redesigned elite Android Development Certification course, we have lined up with Google's vision of assisting with making India a worldwide center of great portable engineers. Moreover, we also support Google in their undertaking to prepare 2,000,000 android designers. Our Certified Android Developer course is instructed by top professionals who are working all day, creating complex portable apps. So, our educators work intimately with Cert Ocean's in-house instructional plan group to develop complete and most recent course content alongside ventures. Our intelligent meetings and active experiences will guarantee that you emerge from this Android training as a pro engineer. 

The Google-approved Android Development Certification course is intended for software engineers who need to figure out how to make versatile applications on the Android stage. As a learner of thisCertified Android Developer course, you will make widgets, customize Certified Android Developer List see, Grid see, Spinners, and so on, make applications utilizing sound, video, and SQLite information base lastly distribute it on Google Play. So, this Certified Android Developer course will help you take in versatile app development without any preparation and open new positions open doors for you in new businesses just as huge associations. Become Proficient in Android app development, figure out how to set up Android Studio, comprehend Android Certified Application Developer design in detail, find out about coordinating your versatile apps with Facebook, Twitter, and other web-based media, Google Drive, Google Maps, SQLite and figure out how to make and improve app client experience. 

Android is quickly getting an essential stage for software engineers today. There is an immense interest in gifted Android designers everywhere in the world. Whether you are under study or in the IT business. So, having Android Certified Application Developer aptitudes will help you take the next massive jump in your career. In this course, you'll build up your portable applications under our master educators' direction to give you an active experience. This course is intended to assist you with turning into a top versatile app engineer. 

Any individual who needs to learn Android Development Certification programming ought to have a Core Java information. So, CertOcean will give a free Java Essentials to Android course to all the members. It will assist you with looking over the center Java aptitudes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, our Android Development Certification course is completely aligned with Google’s curriculum requirements. Before awarding CertOcean the Authorized Training Badge, the complete curriculum has been evaluated by Google.

Our platform won’t let you skip any class. You can choose one from the following options:

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To attend the LIVE classes, minimum 1 MBPS interned speed is required. However, we have noticed people attending the classes from such a slower internet.

Yes, Of course! You will have to submit a project at the end of the Certified Android Developer course. Our support team will guide you through the whole project.


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