Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI v10) Certification Course



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Cyber security

Course Curriculum

    • Module 1. Computer forensics in today’s world
    • Module 2. Computer forensics investigation process
    • Module 3. Understanding hard disks and file systems
    • Module 4. Data acquisition and duplication
    • Module 5. Defeating anti-forensics techniques
    • Module 6. Windows Forensics
    • Module 7. Linux and Mac Forensics
    • Module 8. Network Forensics
    • Module 9. Investigating Web Attacks
    • Module 10. Dark Web Forensics
    • Module 11. Database Forensics
    • Module 12. Cloud Forensic
    • Module 13. Investigating Email Crimes
    • Module 14. Malware Forensics
    • Module 15. Mobile Forensics
    • Module 16. IoT Forensics

Course Description

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation or CHFI v10 training course is an all-encompassing certification training course devised by EC-council that helps security professionals stay ahead of the curve with extensive know-how of detecting and investigating the cyber-attacks and exploiting all crucial evidence to support the investigation reports. This certification also focuses on explaining all vital components to perform security audits ensuring prevention from such attacks in the future. 

CHFI certification authenticates the expertise of security professionals in overall computer forensics including reporting the incidents of cyber-attacks and hacking attempts in the courts of law. Computer hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI V10) is a vendor-neutral training certification that imbibes extensive understanding of diverse cyber forensic techniques, ultra-moderns forensic tools, footprints collection, and other essential components to conduct far-reaching hacking forensic investigations with hands-on exposure. 

With the latest update to CHFI v10 reflective of our training course, we will have detailed methodological learning approach, dark web & IoT Forensics, coverage on malware analysis, forensics for cloud infrastructure, evidence files, and complex labs. This update will prepare you for the CHFI v10 certification requirements and launch your career to the ulterior level, This training has been exclusively designed to expertly train the professionals intending to advance their career as Forensic Investigators and execute their security roles with more proficiency. It focuses to practically explain miscellaneous foolproof methodologies to address digital forensics concerns in the organization, that constitute core fundamentals of security incidents including security infrastructure analysis tools and techniques to identify and capture legal evidence against the hackers and intruders. CHFI V10 certification requirements enable the cyber investigators to detect incidents such as compromising of the confidential data, trade secret thefts, exploitation of the intellectual property, forensics for cloud infrastructure and digital frauds.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

You must have a bachelor’s degree in computer forensics or computer science, in-depth knowledge of the law, 2 years of work experience and should be able to understand how to identify cyber security breaches, analyze digital evidence, network security hacks and mitigate risks involved in the organization. This training program is designed for professionals wanting to take their careers to the next level. They will get aggressive training support from top industry experts through real-time projects, case studies, special weekend sessions, and much more.

Well, one of the major reasons to earn this certification is the evolving demand of Computer Forensic experts across the globe, real career growth, and high-paying jobs. Moreover, by joining CHFI training program, candidates will get real-time industry exposure through live sessions by certified trainers and continuous learning support. Individuals will be trained to combat critical cyber-attacks, identify potential threats, gain a solid knowledge of criminal investigations, and cyber laws, and data recovery methods with this training program.

Computer Forensic Investigators will get a chance to work with law enforcement agencies and investigation firms. Here are some of the important job roles you can get in this particular field- Information security analysts, computer forensic investigators, security analysts, computer forensic technicians, Malware analysts, security consultants, and Information security system analysts.

Certified Ethical Hacker V11 -CEH-v11 is recommended before.CHFI V10 is recommended after.


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