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Programming and Web Development

Course Curriculum

Objective learning: You're going to get a quick understanding of what Python is and expand on the

Topics Covered:
* Python Overview
* Firms that use Python
* Multiple Programs that use Python
* On UNIX/Windows, explore Python Scripts.
* Values, Variables, and different types
* Various expressions and operations
* Conditional Declarations
* Looping
* Arguments for Command Line
* Writing programs on the board
Practical Performed:
* Creating a code for "Hello World."
* The Factors
* Proving Conditional statements
* Loops Demonstration

Objective Learning: Learn various types of structures for series, linked operations, and their use. We also teach different methods of opening, reading, and writing files.

Topics Covered:
* I/O Functions for Python Files
* The numbers
* Strings and associated events
* Tuples and associated processes
* Lists and corresponding activities
* Dictionaries and associated events
* Sets and associated tasks
Practical Performed:
* Tuple and its respective code
* List and its respective code
* Dictionary and its respective code
* Set and its respective code
Objective Learning: You will learn how to generate basic python scripts in this module, how to resolve code errors/exceptions, and ultimately how to extract/filter the information using regex.

Topics Covered:

* Fruitful functions
* Parameters of Functions
* The Global Variables
* Scope of variables and returning values
* Functions of Lambda
* Concepts of Object-Oriented
* The Regular Libraries
* Modules in Python Used
* The statements on import
* Check Route Module
* Package Forms of Installation
* Errors and the Treatment of Exceptions
* Handling Many Exceptions
Practical Performed:
* Functions - Syntax, Arguments, Arguments for Keywords, Return Values
* Lambda - Functionality, Syntax, Options, Compared to Functions
* Sorting - Sequences, Dictionaries, Sorting Limitations
* Errors and exceptions - Problem Forms, Remediation
* The modules and Packages - Module, Import Options, Sys Route
Objective Learning: This module allows you to get acquainted with statistical basics, various types of measures and distributions of probabilities, and the corresponding Python libraries that support these functions. You can also know about data visualization in depth.

Topics Covered:

* NumPy - tables, arrays
* Array-based processes
* Slicing and Iterating Indexing
* To read and write arrays on files.
* Pandas - data structures & processes of indexes
* Learning to write and read data from excel, CSV, etc. formats into Pandas
* Library Matplotlib
* Grids, axes, parcels
* Color schemes, markers, fonts, and styling
* Different categories of plots are bar graphs, pie charts, box plots, histograms, etc.
* Plots of Contours

Practical Performed:
* NumPy library- NumPy array construction, NumPy array operations
* Pandas library- Building sequence and data frames, how to export and import data using Pandas
* Matplotlib - Scatterplot, histogram, bar graph, a pie chart to display results, Plot styling
Objective Learning: In this module, you'll learn in-depth about how to visualize the data in Python.

Topics Covered:

* Library-- Matplotlib
* Grids, axes, boxes
* Colors, markers, graphics, and styling
* Plot Forms - bar graphs, pie charts, histograms
* Plots of Contours
Practical Performed:
* You'll install Matplotlib and display scatterplots, histograms, bar graphs, pie charts, etc., to visualize the vital information on the screen.

Course Description

* CertOcean's Python scripting training course focuses on Programming and Scripting Implementation, Database Management, Object-oriented Coding, Error Handling, Sets, and various networking principles.

* In a real-time environment, you can understand Python's value and be willing to formulate software based on the idea of object-oriented programming. You will be able to construct networking applications with a suitable Interface after the python scripting training course.
* You will be able to perform the following tasks after completing the python scripting course:
* Understand the principles correlated with Python as a programming language
* Understand the aspects of Scripting
* Understand Python's significance in the centralized environment
* Understand data types, operators, statements of decision making, and loops
* Create and execute functionality and modules (Boto3)
* Build an application for networking with the proper Interface
* Build Object-Oriented Programming-based software
* This Python scripting course is open to the following professionals:
* Programmers, Developers, Architects, Professional Leads
* Analysts for Industry
* Computer Scientists, Researchers of Data
* In this python scripting course, one should have a good grasp of languages for computer programming and fundamental principles related to data analysis.
* A machine with an Intel i3 processor or more robust, a minimum of 3 GB RAM (4 GB recommended), and a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system is the Python's system specifications scripting course.
* Using PyCharm IDE, you can do your formative assessments and case studies. The 24*7 support group will help you shortly with any query.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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