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Project Management

Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: Study a general brief about the Scrum

Why Scrum works
What Scrum is

Learning Objective: Study about sprints and its importance in the agile methodology


Potentially shippable
Architecture on a Scrum project
Sequential vs. overlapping work
Sprint length
Release sprints

Learning Objective: Learn how important a ScrumMaster is in a project development environment.

ScrumMaster mindset
Situational ScrumMastering
ScrumMaster as team member

Learning Objective: This module covers aspects of the Scrum product owner.  

Sharing the vision
Product backlog
Size of the items
User stories on the product backlog
INVEST in your backlog.
Learning Objective: A general overview of Scrum
The daily Scrum
Sprint review
Sprint retrospective
Learning Objective: Study about sprint goals and planning.


Sprint prioritization
Sprint goal
Sprint planning meeting
Sprint backlog items

Learning Objective: Study the importance of release planning in Scrum.

Estimating the product backlog
Release planning meeting

Learning Objective: Study the importance of release planning in Scrum.

Estimating the product backlog
Release planning meeting

Learning Objective: Study the need for keeping track of all your progress

Sprint burndown charts
Release burndown charts
Task boards
Learning Objective: Learn what a Scrum team looks like.

Teams are cross-functional

Learning Objective: Study the scalability quotient of Scrum.

The Scrum of Scrums
Focus of initial sprints
Shared vs. specific product backlogs
Scaling the Product Owner

Course Description

Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster is one of the top certificates required in the IT industry. The certificate is awarded to people based on their understanding of the Scrum framework. The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) certification is offered by Scrum Alliance, a non-profit organization based in Colorado, USA. The organization endows education-related resources as well as an Agile and Scrum support system to its practitioners. As per a survey, Certified ScrumMaster certification is one of the top 10 most valuable certifications.

Change management is one of the top 3 most demanding jobs in the IT sector. A certified ScrumMaster is expected to facilitate the needed change in an organization. With more and more organizations realizing agility’s potential in a fast-paced competitive world, Scrum is the most preferred framework for more than 90% of the organizations who want to indulge with agile product development services.
Several companies are using ScrumMaster certification. It is a subset of scrum alliance certification. Some of them include Netflix, SAP Labs, Salesforce, Adobe, Wikispeed, Oracle, Visteon, GE, BBC, Microsoft, Barclays, Robert Bosch, Amdocs, Intel, and many more.
A Scrum Alliance certified Scrum Master serves the following focus areas:

System: They identify, assess, and address systemic issues that enable the Scrum team to become a self-organizing team.
Practices: Certified ScrumMaster practices strategies that maximize team potential.
Coaching the development team
Teaching product owners about the product
Today, the IT and non-IT industry majorly hires candidates who are familiar with and possess an understanding of ScrumMaster. A Scrum Alliance certified ScrumMaster certification not only upscales your personal experience but that of the organization.
It guides team members about the product development
Helps them deliver quality products
Participate in team activities
Resolve the issues and enhance team collaboration
Bring change management into an organization
Become a servant leader for Scrum teams and develop high-end products
Making a career in Scrum with scrum alliance certification helps an individual in:
Gain a high degree of proficiency in Scrum Contribute to a healthy work environment .
Earn skills that enhance you take in an organization .
Help in performance improvement of your team .


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, as per Scrum Alliance guidelines, you need to appear for the CSM exam to become a certified professional. To pass the exam, you need to correctly answer 37 out of the 50 questions within a 60-minute time. On successful completion, you will be awarded the designation of a Certified ScrumMaster by Scrum Alliance.

The cost of the CSM by scrum alliance certification is $100, excluding the training cost.
As per Scrum Alliance, the CSM certificate is valid for two years. You can review the certificate by earning 20 SEUs.
No, this workshop provides you with a membership of Scrum Alliance for two years.
After failing, you will get two attempts within 90 days after you receive your welcome mail to pass the test at no extra cost. After that, you will be charged $25 for each additional attempt.
There are no pre-requisites required for certified ScrumMaster certification. This course can be taken by freshers or professionals who want to forward their careers in project management and deepen their understanding of Scrum. For project management and maintenance, you need to possess the basic knowledge of Scrum in the real world, and this scrum alliance certification course helps to get the most from your training.

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