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CertOcean is a high end IT services, training & consulting organization providing IT services, training & consulting in the field of Cloud Coumputing, Big Data & Analytics, software quality assurance & testing, software development methodologies, process improvement, IT Service management, and project management. is committed to its role in creating professionals with technology competencies through its quality - based innovative programs, global alliances, outstanding faculties & thought leadership.

CertOcean is focused to act as an enabler harnessing innovative capabilities and fervor to build & deliver consistently robust training products, IT services & education addressing skill development, benchmarking & professional certifications to cater to the distinctive demand of trained & skilled professionals for increased employability in the IT industry.

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About CertOcean

CertOcean is a global IT services, training, and consulting firm providing training, certification, and standards programs that help the world's leading companies deliver consistent, high-quality service and support. We apply a proven benchmark process to our programs that measure and drives effectiveness for continuous service improvement. The world’s leading IT services and support providers partner with us to get training and coaching programs helping their workforce achieve career goals as well as get the job done right the first time and delivered with peak efficiency.

We provide online training in disciplines such as Cloud Computing, Big Data & Analytics, software development methodologies, software quality assurance & testing, process improvement, project management, and IT Service management. Through quality-based innovation programs, global alliances, outstanding facility, and thought leadership, CertOcean is committed to creating professional with technology competences.

Based in Delaware, USA, with various branches in India, we have helped thousands of professionals and over 500 companies around the globe got trained, acquired certifications, upskill their employees, as well as help them apply the best practices at workplace. 

CertOcean serves a wide variety of setups and acts as a common platform providing knowledge programs, competency building, and support through training, consulting, certification, and benchmarking. We focus on People, Process, and Technology helping individuals and corporates nurture talent, increase employability & efficiency, and develop competencies thereby achieve remarkable results. 

Our training tie-up partner is Edureka, thus helping us combine a unique approach to the ideation, creation of the course content, and deliver it. We also provide professional training programs to individuals helping them find lucrative jobs.

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