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Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about blockchain technology and its properties.

Topics covered:

* How does our current financial system work?
* What can be the possible solution?
* What is a distributed system?
* What is Blockchain?
* How does a Blockchain work?
* Properties of Blockchain
* Evolution of Blockchain

Learning Objective: In this section of Blockchain Training Course, you will learn about cryptocurrencies, cryptography consensus mechanisms.

Topics covered:

* Anonymity and Pseudonymity in Cryptocurrency
* Programmable Money
* What is inside a block?
* Hash Functions and Merkle Trees
* Components of Blockchain Ecosystem
* Cryptography and Consensus Algorithms
* Types of Blockchain
* Side Chains: another type of Blockchain
* Blockchain Implementations
* Blockchain Platforms
Learning Objective: This module covers details about Bitcoin mechanisms and networks.

Topics covered:

* What is Bitcoin?
* Why use Bitcoins?
* Bitcoin Trading: Buying, selling and storing Bitcoins
* Bitcoin Ecosystem
* Structure of a Bitcoin Transaction
* Scripting language in Bitcoin
* Applications of Bitcoin script
* Nodes in a Bitcoin Network

Learning Objective: This section will teach you about Bitcoin mining.
Topics covered:
? Bitcoin Economics
? What is Bitcoin Mining?
? Types of Mining
? Mining and Consensus
? Assembling and selecting chains of blocks
? Mining and the hashing race
? Mining Pools
Learning Objective: This section covers about Ethereum and its use in Blockchain technology.

Topics covered:

* What is Ethereum?
* Introducing Smart Contracts
* Cryptocurrency in Ethereum
* Mining in Ethereum
* Consensus Mechanism in Ethereum
* Platform Functions used in Ethereum
* Technologies that support Ethereum
* Ethereum Programming Language
* Components for development of Ethereum DApps
* Editors and tools
* Frontend Development
* Ethereum Test Networks
* ERC Tokens
Learning Objective: This section teaches you about Smart Contracts.

Topics covered:

* Introducing Solidity
* Sample Code
* Layout of Source File
* Structure of a Contract
* State Variables
* Functions Types
* Reference Types
* Units
* Special Variables and Functions
* Expressions and Control Structures
* Function Calls
* Error Handling
* Visibility for Functions and State Variables
Learning Objective: In this module of Blockchain Training Course, you will study about advanced concepts of solidity.

Topics covered:

* State Modifiers
* Inheritance
* Constructors
* Libraries
* Importing Smart Contracts
* Events and Logging
* Error Handling and Exceptions
* Common Pitfalls
* Gas Limit and Loops
* Sending and Receiving Ether
* Recommendations
* Contract ABI
* Setting up the development environment
Learning Objective: In this module of Blockchain Training Course, you will develop a DApp services.

Topics covered:
* Developing a DApp
* Compile and Deploy the Smart Contract
* Publish the DApp
* Connecting to DApp
* Ganache Output for Transaction Migration
Learning Objective: In this module of Blockchain Training Course, you will learn about Hyperledger project.

Topics covered:
* Introduction to Hyperledger
* Hyperledger architecture
* Consensus
* Hyperledger API and Application Model
* Network Topology
* Exploring Hyperledger frameworks
* Business Network Deployment on Hyperledger Composer Playground
Learning Objective: In this section, you will study about Hyperledger Fabric.

Topics covered:
* Setting up Development Environment using Composer
* Developing business networks
* Testing business networks
* Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric
* Hyperledger Fabric Model
* Several manners to create Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Network
Learning Objective: In this module of Blockchain Training Course, you will study about MultiChain platform.

Topics covered:

* What Is MultiChain?
* Privacy and Permissions in MultiChain
* Mining in MultiChain
* Multiple configurable Blockchains using MultiChain
* Setting up a Private Blockchain
* Setting up a private Blockchain
Learning Objective: You will understand about Blockchain technology and its need in the future.

Topics covered:
* Blockchain prospering our world
* Blockchain transforming business and professionalism
* Discussing practical use-cases of Blockchain
* Real case scenarios of Blockchain
* How several countries are using Blockchain for future economics?

Course Description

CertOcean’s Blockchain certification training course will provide you with thorough as well as in-depth knowledge about the technology behind Blockchain's creation. You will learn about different Blockchain platforms such as Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, and MultiChain. Even if you are starting as a beginner, you will be able to grasp the idea very soon and learn everything. The importance of Blockchain in our everyday lives is a great area to explore. You will learn all about it in this course.

There is a module about the brief history of Blockchain and where it came from. You will learn in detail about the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms and how to use them. After completing this course, you will be able to develop your own blockchain module as well as deploy it. You will learn how to create a private Blockchain for demonstrating the practical uses of Blockchain.

In this blockchain certification training course, you will learn about Blockchain's concept as well as how it works. You will also learn about its properties and how Blockchain has evolved since the time of its conception.
What exactly is blockchain? Although we answer this question in vague terms, the real definition of blockchain is something you need to discover in this course. You will also learn about the properties of blockchain and how it works at the global level.
The current financial system of Blockchain. Blockchain has grown to become a large industry with many top investors. This course will teach you about the current blockchain system. You will learn how  blockchain currency is used worldwide to make payments as well as invest in other assets.
Another important thing which you will learn in this course is the possible future course of blockchain. Blockchain has evolved a lot, and there is still much left to be done about it.
Blockchain's future is going to be very interesting as we are slowly inching towards a cashless economy.
The distribution system under blockchain is an important concept that you need to understand. Under this course, you will learn everything about the distribution system and apply it while dealing with the blockchain economy.
Here are more advanced topics which you will learn under this course.

* Origin of blockchain and how it works
* Cryptocurrency
* The bitcoin platform
* Introduction to Ethereum and how it works
* Bitcoin mining
* Basic solidity
* Advanced solidity
* Hyperledger
* Using the Hyperledger composer
* How to use MultiChain to create and deploy your private blockchain
* What are the prospects of blockchain?
The Blockchain training course is meant for individuals who are deeply interested in blockchain. Software developers, project managers, and product managers are great candidates for the course. Apart from that, even support professionals and solution architects in different industries can learn as well as benefit from the Blockchain training course.
Individuals can obtain the Blockchain certification azure developer associate, which will help them further learn about the course.
Knowledge of any object-oriented language can help you get through the course. Apart from that, basic knowledge about networking and Linux OS can also be helpful in learning about the Blockchain. Learning Node.js fundamentals and JavaScript Training can also be helpful in learning about BlockChain.

Taking up the Blockchain online certification training on CertOcean can help you learn about the Blockchain ecosystem and apply it in real life. You will get helpful insights about the world of Blockchain and understand it from a developer’s point of view. This course is great for Blockchain enthusiasts who want to learn how the future of the world economy is going to look like a few years from now.
You can execute all the assignments on your LAB environment whose access details are shown on the LMS.
You don’t need any system requirements to attend the proceedings of this course. The environment is already present and will help execute the practicals.
This course covers three different projects related to property transfer via smart contracts, online jewelry application, KYC prototype in blockchain.


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Most of the CertOcean’s learners have reported a hike in their salary and position post the completion of the Big Data Hadoop certification. This training is well-recognized in the IT industry and indulges in both practical and theoretical learning.
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