Automation Testing using TestComplete 11.0


Software Testing

Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about automaton testing and its related concepts.

Topics covered:
* Why Automation testing
* Explain the different automation tools used in the market
* Comparing the TestComplete tools with other tools in the market
* Why TestComplete?
* What are the different types of testing possible with TestComplete (Web, Desktop Application, WebServices, Mobile App)
* What is TestExecute
* Features of TestExecute
* How to Install TestComplete
* How to Install TestExecute
* Tutorial on concepts used in VBScript

Learning Objective: In this module, you will study recording and playback functionality on a web application.

Topics covered:
* TestComplete Editor
* Develop a project in VBScript in TestComplete
* How to record & playback a web application
* Recording and playback a desktop application
* Different ways of recording, Namemapping
* Features of keyword test
* How to convert keyword test to scripts

Learning Objective: In this module, you will study the web services testing and database
testing services for Android mobile applications using the TestComplete code.
Topics covered:
? How to launch
? record and playback Android Apps
? Generating scripts for mobile App
? Testing of Web Services using TestComplete
? Integration of SOAP UI
? Database testing basics using TestComplete

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the practical details regarding the implementation of various frameworks in TestComplete codes.

Topics covered:
* Types of framework
* Event handling in TestComplete
* Functional Decomposition
* Data-Driven framework
* Keyword Driven framework
* Hybrid framework
Learning Objective: In this module, you will study the different types of checkpoints uses and understand all their practical uses.

Topics covered:
* Property Checkpoints
* Object Checkpoints
* Table Checkpoints
* Database table Checkpoints
* File Comparison Checkpoints
* Region Checkpoint
* Web comparison checkpoint
* Web accessibility checkpoint
* How to debug
Learning Objective: In this module, you will study with a step-by-step automation guide on how to develop a hybrid framework for testing all the functionalities like the creation, deletion, and editing of the orders.

Topics covered:
* To create a project
* To create Scripts
* Organize scripts to a framework
* To traverse an application functionally
* To add checkpoints
* Store test run

Course Description

The TestComplete training course is accumulated for industry professionals looking for the
knowledge and skills required to become a successful TestComplete professional. This
course covers the fundamental concepts of the record and playback to further the prospects
of a keyword-driven and data-driven framework. The TestComplete training covers various
topics and aspects of testing like Mobile testing, desktop testing, web testing, and web
services testing using TestComplete. This course is particularly important for professionals
who wish to excel in a similar domain.
Post the completion of the course, you will know details about:

* Study completely about the TestComplete tool
* Learn about the basic scripting languages used
* Web testing utilizing TestComplete tools
* Desktop application testing utilizing TestComplete
* Mobile testing with TestComplete
* Web services testing utilizing TestComplete
* Combination of TestComplete with other testing instruments
This TestComplete training course is designed for the following group of professionals:
* Project Managers
* Testing Professionals
* Software Developers and Architects
* Professionals aiming to build a career in Automation Testing
The TestComplete training course is highly in demand since it helps you grab the attention of all the modern Automation testing tools. Moreover, this course will help your take up jobs that go well with your automation testing skills and expertise in all aspects regarding the same. This automation tool is perfect for professionals who wish to forward their career in the same domain. This course will teach you the working knowledge of TestComplete and assist the automation testing and better use of the tools.
There are no prerequisites for this TestComplete training course and anyone can take up this course.
You need a system with good internet connectivity. In case of any doubt, 24*7 support line with assist with all your queries and questions.
For all the projects, you can use the lab environment created for TestComplete training.


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