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Software Testing

Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: In this manual testing course provided by CertOcean, the learners will acquire enough knowledge regarding testing. Our instructors have tried their best to cover every single concept. We include the typical Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and various kinds of models. This manual testing certification course will also cover the different types of activities necessary for implementing an SDLC.

Why testing is required, History of Testing, Scope of Testing, What is Testing, What is a Defect, Testing principles, Testing Constraints, Quality Assurance, and Quality control, When Should Testing Occur, Roles of the Software Tester, Overview on STLC, Overview on SDLC, Different Life Cycle models, AGILE testing, etc.
The manual testing online course consists of theories and concepts regarding Test Management activities. The learners will be able to define the roles and responsibilities that an SDLC developer plays. Every learner will be able to involve themselves in the activities provided by the instructor.

Test Strategy, Customization of the Test Process, Test Planning, Overview on Budgeting, Scheduling, Risk management, and Configuration management.
In this section of the manual testing certification course, you will know about the method to create Test Scenarios and then develop Test cases. You will be able to identify the right test data. After completing this part of the manual testing course, you will write test cases on your own for sample apps. The Traceability Matrix helps to bridge the gaps of Test coverage.

What is Traceability Matrix[TM], Sample TM, Test Scenarios, Test cases, Test Data, Creating Test Cases for the sample application, Difference between Test Case and Test Scenario.
In this part, the learners will acknowledge the various phases and kinds of testing.

Levels of Testing: User Acceptance Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Unit Testing. Types of Testing: Usability testing, Internationalization Testing, Localization Testing, Database Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, Compatibility Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing, Smoke Testing, Volume Testing, Stress Testing
This part contains the entry and exit criteria for Test Execution and how to execute the developed test cases. Topics: About Build and Release, Release Notes, Entry and Exit criteria, Pre QA Checklist, Test Execution, Hands-on.
The Defect Management part of this manual testing certification course contains information about the distinguishing features of Defect Prevention and Discovery. Learners will know about the Life Cycle of Defect and how to report a defect with necessary details. Learners will be able to log defects and achieve hands-on.

Topics: Defect Life Cycle, Defect Prevention, Severity and Priority, Overview on RCA, Defect Discovery, log Defects, and Hands-on Identify.
This module is practical-based, and you will learn how to prepare a status report on Test case execution, Test Case Development, and Test Closure Reports. Your instructor will take the help of real-time examples to help you in better  understanding.Topics: Test Closure Reports, Test Status Reports, Tester and  Developer, Onshore/Offshore Model, Team Collaboration, Client Interaction, Mitigate current challenges.
In this part of the manual testing course, you will identify the importance of measuring the quality, cost, and effectiveness of the projects. Here, in this module, learners will know about the Metrics and how to collate Metrics and measure testing quality in different scenarios.

Overview on Metrics & Measurements, Metrics Life Cycle, Benefits of Test Metrics, Types of Test Metrics.
In this section of the manual testing online course, you will understand the need for Automation tools, an introduction to some tools like QTP & Selenium, advantages & usage of Quality center. Topics: Importance of Automation, Idea about various Automation Tools - QTP & Selenium, Introduction to Quality Center, Frequently Asked Questions.

Course Description

CertOcean’s manual testing certification training course combines the primary software testing techniques and similar program analysis techniques. This manual testing online course fills the learner’s mind with complete knowledge of the concepts like Test Generation, Program Analysis, Test Oracles, Mutation testing, Regression, Test coverage, and many more.

As soon as you complete this course, you will:

Understand core concepts in Software Testing and the motto of Software Testing. The processes, criteria, strategies, and methods of Software Testing are the other things that the learners will get acknowledged.
Gain knowledge about the process of software testing and manual testing like System testing, Unit testing, Integration testing, and Regression.
Know the methods to plan a test project, design test cases, and data, conduct testing operations, manage defects, and generate test reports.
*Understand how to write software testing documents & communicate with engineers in different forms.
*Build & perform software testing tasks for a testing project.?Constructively communicate to interact and collaborate with stakeholders.
CertOcean’s manual testing course is a foundation course for experts who wish to learn & achieve software testing insights. These experts include people like Software Testing Engineers, OA Engineers, Fresh Graduates and Students, QA Leads and Managers, and Software Test Manager.
Manual testing is an essential process without which no software release can occur. The software becomes usable after this testing. Various opportunities are there for new development methods, product innovations, and platform technologies in Manual Testing.
There exist no necessary pre-requisites in the technical part. The person should essentially belong to an IT background.
You should have a system with a minimum of 4 GB RAM, an i3 processor or above, and a 20 GB HDD.
Learners will perform their practical in Excel. CertOcean will assist you in setting up the test environment for Software Testing. The installation guide is present in your LMS. From there, you can get a step-by-step guide.
As soon as you finish the course, CertOcean will provide you with a live project. Project Description: A company wishes to build a commercial human resources management product that can be consumed & edited by medium-sized businesses situated in a specific country & worldwide. It has two parts: 1. Professional 2. Enterprise The characteristics incorporate Personal Information Management. When a client or a business owner has a requirement to come into the online world or make some changes on the existing site or application, a solution to this business problem is required, which is a piece of code. A client then comes to a software service provider to turn this software into a reality for them. That is when the software project inception starts.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Yes, CertOcean provides you with the lecture recordings on your LMS. Also, we conduct live sessions in various other live batches.

We have our own "Resume builder tool." This tool will help you in creating the best resume. You have unlimited access to use these templates in various roles and designations. You have to log in to LMS and click on "Create your resume."

We do not provide a demo session in live classes. However, you can go through the lecture recordings and analyze the content's quality and level that we will teach you.
The instructors at CertOcean are holding experience in IT of about 10 to 12 years. They are practitioners from the Industry. They teach quality content to all our learners.

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