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Programming and Web Development

Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the programming language Node.js and what makes it so popular. You will also study how to use the Node Package Manager (NPM) and Nodemon.

Topics Covered:
* What is Node.js?
* Why Node.js?
* Installing NodeJS
* Node in-built package such as buffer, fs, HTTP, os, path, util, URL
* Node.js Modules
* Import your Package
* Node Package Manager (NPM)
* Local and Global Packages
* Push code to GitHub

Learning Objective: In this module, you will study how to get user inputs via command-line arguments and store data using the File system.

Topics Covered:
* Get Input from Users
* Pass Multiple Arguments with Yargs
* File System Module
* Operations associated with File System Module
* JSON Data
* HTTP Server and Client
* Sending and receiving events with EventEmitters
* Express Framework
* Run a Web Server using Express Framework
* Routes
* Deploy the application using PM2 and Nginx
Learning Objective: In this section, you will study how to develop asynchronous Node.js applications while using Call Stack, Call back queue, and event loop mechanism.

Topics Covered:
* Call Stack
* Callbacks, Callback Queue and Event Loop
* Callback Abstraction
* Callback Chaining
* Promises
* Promise Chaining
* Request Package
* Customizing HTTP Requests
* Error handling with appropriate HTTP codes
* Introduction to template engine (EJS)
Learning Objective: In this section, you will learn how to use a NoSQL database powered through a MongoDB. Also, we will brief you about how to send emails via Node.js applications.

Topics Covered:
* Introduction to NoSQL Databases and MongoDB
* Installation of MongoDB on Windows
* Installation of Database GUI Viewer
* Inserting Documents
* Querying, Updating, and Deleting Documents
* Connect MongoDB and Node.js Application
* Exploring SendGrid
* Sending emails through Node.js application using SendGrid
Learning Objective: In this module, you will study query management and run them using the Node.js application.

Topics Covered:
* REST API in Express
* Postman
* MongoDB Driver API
* Express Router
* Mongoose API
* GraphQL
* GraphQL Playground
Learning Objective: In this section, you will study how to code an application using ES6. Also, how to design dashboards and perform CRUD operations.

Topics Covered:
* ES6 variables
* Functions with ES6
* Import and Export withES6
* Async/Await
* Introduction to Babel
* Rest API with ES6
* Browsing HTTP Requests with Fetch
* Processing Query String
* Creating API using ES6
* Transpilation
* Building Dashboard API
* Creating dashboard UI with EJS
* ES6 Aside: Default Function Parameters
* Data Validation and Sanitization
Learning Objective: This section will study how to secure your application post implementing API authentication and user authentication while using JSON web tokens.

Topics Covered:
* Authentication
* Types of Authentication
* Session Vs. Tokens
* JSON Web Tokens
* Bcrypt
* local storage for Node
Learning Objective: In this section, you will study how to build a real-time chat application using Socket IO.

Topics Covered:
* Web Sockets
* Web Sockets
* Broadcasting Events
* Sharing Your Location
* Event Acknowledgements
* Form and Button States
* Rendering Messages
* Working with Timestamps and Times for finding the Location of Messages
* Tracking Users Joining and Leaving, Storing Users, Rendering User List, & Tracking
* Deploying the Chat Application
* Redis - Building API with Redis
Learning Objective: In this section, you will study Node.js applications while using Mocha and Chai.

Topics Covered:
* Writing Tests and Assertions
* Testing Asynchronous Code
* Testing an Express Application
* Setup and Teardown
* Testing with Authentication
* Advanced Assertions
* Mocking Libraries
* Wrapping up User Tests
* Setup Task Test Suite
* Testing with Task Data
Learning Objective: In this section, you will learn how to build Node.js applications based on Microservices architecture. You will also study how to deploy them to Docker containers.

Topics Covered:
* Why Microservices?
* What is Microservices?
* Why Docker?
* What is Docker?
* Terminologies in Docker
* Child Processes
* Types of the child process

Course Description

This node.js course online training from CertOcean will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the concepts, including Express.js, ode.js with MongoDB, CRUD operations, Microservices Architecture, ode Package Manager (npm), Asynchronous Programming, REST API, and many more. Post the completion of the Node.js online training, and you will be able to train yourself in this developing market and establish
credibility in the market. If you want to become an integral part of an organization, this certification can help you achieve this feat.

The programming language, Node.js, uses JavaScript, which is known to millions of
developers worldwide; this is one of the reasons you need the Node.js certification to help
you provide the much-needed leverage with equal ease. Using this programming language,
you can code simple programs or complex enterprise-level web applications with similar
skills. That said, Node.js online training will help you gain the skills required for an event-
driven, server-side, asynchronous runtime environment. Post the Node.js course online
program will help you understand the complex functionalities.
We designed this course for professionals who aspire to become application developers and gain expertise in constructing real-time, highly-scalable applicating using the programming language.

The following are some professions who can go for Node.js online training:
* Freshers who aspire to learn web development
* Web Developers
* Project Managers
* Software Architects
* Testing Professionals
There are no prerequisites for this node.js course online, and anyone can take up this course. However, professionals having a sound understanding of JavaScript can easily ace this course.
You need a system with good internet connectivity. In any doubt, the 24*7 support line assists with all your queries and questions.
For all the projects, you can use the lab environment created for the node.js course online training.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Candidates will never miss lectures in CERTOCEAN's node.js certification as they have the option to either view the recorded session or to attend the next live batch.

Our team is with each student 24/7. They need not worry about anything. Just ask your queries about the node.js online training, and we will make sure that it gets solved as soon as possible.
We hope that till now, you have seen any of our study clips. And we think that's all because you need not look further as we are good at keeping promises. We promise to enhance your growth in the automation field using node.js certification.
Only instructors who are experts in the domain and possess more than 10 years of experience are selected to teach after a stringent and tedious process. After shortlisting, all the instructors undergo a three months long training program.
Most of the CertOcean's learners have reported a hike in their salary and position after completing the node.js certification. This training is well-recognized in the IT industry and indulges in both practical and theoretical learning.
We provide support to all the learners, even if they have completed their course training way before. Once you have registered with us, we will take care of all your educational needs and demands, resolving all your functional and technical queries.
CertOcean's node.js certification course will assist you throughout the course and help you master the concepts and practical implementation of technology for the course duration.

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