Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification (AZ-104)



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Cloud Computing & DevOps

Course Curriculum

Learning Objective: In the module, you will study the various administrative tools and components along with the different available types of subscriptions. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Overview of Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft Azure Services

  • Azure Subscriptions

  • Management Groups

  • Azure Resource Manager

  • Azure Portal and PowerShell

  • Azure Resource Manager Policies

  • Azure Policy Definition Structure

  • Resource Management Locks

Learning Objective: In this section, you will learn about the Azure virtual networking concepts and how to create and configure the settings. 

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks

  • IP Addresses for the Public and Private

  • Classless Inter-domain Routing (CIDR)

  • Subnets

  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)

  • Network Security Groups (NSGs)

  • Network Security Group Rules

  • Virtual Network Service Endpoints

  • Service Endpoint Policies

  • Azure Load Balancer

  • Azure DNS

  • Azure Firewall

  • Azure Bastion Service

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Azure VMs, their OS, sizing, and pricing. This section includes details like how to create and configure Windows and Linux VMs in Azure. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Virtual Machines

  • Azure Resource Manager VM

  • Introduction to ARM Templates

  • Create a Custom Image of Azure VM

  • Create a Managed Image of Generalized VM

  • Create an Image from VM Snapshots

  • Creating a Linux Virtual Machine

  • Virtual Machine Extensions

  • Configuration Management using PowerShell DSC

  • Run Custom Scripts using Custom Script Extension

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

  • Azure Container Instances (ACI)

  • App Service

  • App Service Plans

Learning Objective: In this section, you will learn about storage accounts, data replication, and work with Azure storage explorer to manage storage data. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Storage

  • Azure Storage Replication

  • Azure Storage Explorer

  • Attach or Detach an External Storage Account

  • Shared Access Signatures (SAS)

  • Attach a Storage Account using SAS

  • Azure Blob Storage

  • Azure File Storage 

  • Azure Queue Storage 

  • Azure Table Storage 

Learning Objective: In this section, you will learn how to use Azure backup and use it as a data protection solution. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Backup

  • Why Use Azure Backup?

  • Files and Folder Backup

  • Application Backup

  • Azure File Share

  • Azure File Sync

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)

  • How CDN Works?

  • Azure Import/Export Service

  • Azure Data Box

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about configuration areas like networking and storage. This section covers how to keep your VM's highly available sets. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Virtual Machine Storage

  • Azure Virtual Machine Availability

  • Fault and Update Domains

  • Azure Load Balancer

  • Automatic Scaling of Azure VMs

  • VM Scale Sets

  • Azure VM Backup

  • Azure VM Monitoring with Azure Diagnostics Extension

  • Azure Advisor

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about traffic distribution in a virtual network. It covers concepts related to Azure Traffic Manager and Azure Application Gateway. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Traffic Manager

  • Azure Application Gateway

  • Azure Virtual Network Routing

  • Azure Virtual Network Connectivity

  • Azure VPN Gateway

  • BGP with VPN Gateway

  • Virtual Network Peering

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to integrate on-premises networks using an Azure Virtual Network. 

Topics covered:

  • Azure Inter-site VPN Connectivity Methods 

  • Site-to-Site VPN Gateway Connection

  • Point-to-Site VPN Gateway Connection

  • VNet-to-VNet Connections

  • Azure ExpressRoute

  • Azure Virtual WAN

  • Azure Network Watcher

  • Resource Troubleshooting in Azure Network Watcher

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Azure monitor and how it ensures the correct posture for Azure architecture. 

Topics covered:

  • Overview of Role-Based Access Control

  • Azure Monitor

  • Log Analytics

  • Azure Activity Log

  • Alerts in Azure Monitor

  • Custom roles in Azure

  • Provide access to Azure sections by assigning roles

  • Manage multiple directories

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the Azure active directory and how to implement Azure AD objects. 

Topics covered:

  • Identity Access Management

  • Azure Active Directory

  • Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Self-Service Password Reset

  • Azure AD Identity Protection

  • Azure AD Conditional Access

  • Azure AD Domains and Tenants

  • Azure AD Domain Services

  • Azure AD Join

  • Azure AD Single Sign-On

  • Manage Azure AD Objects

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to integrate Active Directory into your existing infrastructure. 

Topics covered:

  • Hybrid Identity

  • Password Hash Synchronization (PHS)

  • Pass-through Authentication (PTA)

  • Federated Authentication

  • Azure AD Seamless Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Azure AD Application Proxy

  • Password Writeback

Course Description

The Azure administrator certification from CertOcean is designed to help students prepare for the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate Certification exam. Post the completion of the Microsoft Azure administrator certification, you will be able to set up, deploy, and scale Azure virtual machines. Moreover, this course will teach you how to configure and manage storage, secure and monitor the cloud infrastructure through robust implementations, and advanced virtual networking and secure identities. 

CertOcean’s Azure administrator certification will help you derive administrator-level insights and learn about the different Microsoft Azure aspects like storage, virtual machines, cloud services, Azure active directory, site recovery, and virtual networks backup. 

  • Figure out how to advance your use of Azure tools like the Azure entry, Azure PowerShell, Cloud Shell, and the Azure CLI 

  • Execute and design diverse Azure systems administration traffic conveyance components, including Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager, and Azure Application Gateway 

  • Gain experiences on various administrations of Microsoft Azure, for example, Storage, Virtual Machines, Websites, Cloud Services, and Azure Active Directory 

  • Arrange Application Integration with Azure AD and actualize Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure sign-in

The following are professionals who can go for this AZ 104 certification:

  • IT Administrators looking for training on Azure Infrastructure 

  • Professionals keen to clear Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Badge 

  • New entrepreneurs/companies who want to build their Infrastructure on the cloud 

  • Cloud learners

There are no prerequisites for this AZ 104 certification and anyone can take up this course. However, professionals having work experience in IT Administration, possess a basic understanding of Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Networking & Databases, and Proficient in using PowerShell and Command-Line Interface will ace this course. 

You need a system with good internet connectivity. In case of any doubt, 24*7 support line with assist with all your queries and questions. 

For all the projects, you can use the lab environment created for the AZ 104 certification training.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Candidates will never miss lectures in CERTOCEAN's AZ 104 certification as they have the option to either view the recorded session or to attend the next live batch.

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Only instructors who are experts in the domain and possess more than 10 years of experience are selected to teach after a stringent and tedious process. After shortlisting, all the instructors undergo a 3 months long training program. 
Most of the CertOcean’s learners have reported a hike in their salary and position post the completion of the AZ 104 certification. This training is well-recognized in the IT industry and indulges in both practical and theoretical learning.
We provide support to all the learners even if they have completed their course training way before. Once you have registered with us, we will take care of all your educational needs and demands, resolving all your functional and technical queries. 
CertOcean's AZ 104 certification course will assist you throughout the course and help you master the concepts and practical implementation of technology for the course duration.

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