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Course Curriculum

Learning Goals: To get familiar with the essentials of IoT. Comprehend IoT architecture along with IoT decision framework.

Points to Learn: 

• What is IoT, how can it works

• Dissimilarity between Embedded gadget and IoT gadget

• Things about IoT gadget and devices

• IoT Decision Framework

• IoT Solution Architecture Models

• IoT Ecosystem

• How IoT is Changing Industries

• Key IoT Boards in Marketplace

• Discover Raspberry Pi

Learning Goals: To Configure the Raspberry Pi and Program Sense HAT. 

Main Points: 

• To set up Raspberry Pi

• To show the functioning of Raspberry Pi utilizing SSH Client along with the Team Viewer

• Comprehending the Sensing activities

• Comprehending the Actuators and MEMS


• The Programming Sense HAT Board

Learning Goals: To pick up Hands-on experience by developing IoT Solutions utilizing Raspberry Pi and the Sense HAT. 

Main Points: 

• Create a climate station utilizing Sense HAT and Python

• Create a google spreadsheet for weather/climate data collection

• Understanding of the OpenCV


• Build a climate/weather station utilizing Sense HAT and storing the data in google sheets

• Utilization of the OpenCV for face discovery, face detection, and recognition with webcam

Learning Goals: To comprehend different IoT Networking Protocols to create IoT solutions.

Main Points: 

• All kinds of wireless communication

• Main wireless devices for short-range communication with properties and comparisons of these devices like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, 6LoWPAN.

• Main wireless devices for long-range communication and comparing the properties of these devices and gadgets (Cellular IoT, LPWAN)


• Utilizing the RFID networking

• Using different networks, for example, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Learning Goals: To empower IoT with Microsoft Azure. 

Main Points: 

• Know the basics about Cloud and its Infrastructure

• How IoT and also Cloud deployment can make a compelling IoT Solution

• Azure IoT Hub segments


• Develop a Free Tier Azure Account. Investigate Azure IoT center services and other helpful features.

• The Azure IoT Hub Service API Demo

Learning Goals: To make an IoT solution by utilizing Sensors along with the Raspberry Pi with Azure.

Main Points:

• Registration of the Raspberry Pi on Azure IoT Hub

• Direct and Accept messages from the Raspberry Pi over Azure IoT Hub

• Develop Storage record and also dock one container  

• Viewing of the Data On-premise is possible with Azure Storage Explorer

• Configuration of the Web App settings for actual Data Visualization


• Develop an End-to-End IoT solution by utilizing Python Device APIs

Learning Goals: To learn about Remote Monitoring and develop your very own IoT solution for remote monitoring.

Points to learn: 

• Planning about how to modify a solution for meeting with specific conditions

• Developing a service bus namespace and then adding a queue to it

• Addition of an endpoint and then a routing rule to the IoT hub

• Create, arrange, and test a logical application


• With Azure services, develop your IoT solutions.

Learning Goals: You will comprehend and know about the Data Analytics and its Kinds, IoT Edge, Edge Computing, and Deploy Edge gadgets and incorporate with Azure IoT Edge

Main Points:

• Data Analytics

• Edge Computing

• Azure IoT Edge Components

• Azure IoT Edge Architecture

• Azure IoT Edge

• Real-Time Analytics


• The actual Utilization of Raspberry Pi as an Edge Device on the Azure IoT Edge

Business Challenge/Necessity: For this venture, we need to control different home machines dependent on a family relative's absence or presence. The member of the family will carry his mobile handset consistently with him. His versatile mobile handset will start functioning as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gadget. In this task, we will use the Raspberry Pi as a BLE gadget detector.

• Find out and learn to control the Raspberry Pi GPIO pins 

• Scanning of all the active devices nearby by BLE Devices utilizing Raspberry Pi

• The time interval required for the scanning of all BLE gadgets.

• The time necessary for acting on the absence or presence of the person for avoiding temporary frequent on/off

• Inaccurate presence/absence of the device.

Business Challenge/Necessity: 

Mr. XYZ is a professional and works as an SEO and Marketing Executive for his organization. He should upload and transfer the events and updates of his company on Twitter. As a tech expert and enthusiast, he searched and discovered that he could utilize Raspberry Pi similarly, he uses his PC. Along these lines, he intends to play out his everyday tweets utilizing Raspberry Pi and the features, making work more straightforward for him.

For this capstone venture, we will show how to handle the Twitter API's as and when needed. Each time you run the python code, it will naturally tweet the message on Twitter. It's an automated response.

• How to Control API's of Raspberry Pi

• How to seamlessly Tweet Text and Images from Raspberry Pi

Course Description

We have finely created this Microsoft Azure IoT certification course so that you get to understand and learn about the core basics of IoT. Using sensors and component integration, one can learn how to build IoT solutions. You will also learn to create and implement the IoT Big Data and then understand how to use it to model the extracted data in the IoT Certification Training on Azure. Along with the use cases and hands-on knowledge and learning of this IoT Certification Training on Azure course, you will surely know how IoT tech will be the change and give us a brighter future. At the end of this IoT Certification Training on Azure, you will know the roles and responsibilities of an IoT developer and be ready to start a career in this field.

Industry specialists plan the Microsoft Azure IoT certification Training to make you an expert and Certified IoT Developer. This IoT Certification Training on Azure course also offers: 

• Proper knowledge of IoT architecture and also the IoT Decision Framework

• Configuration of the Raspberry Pi, Understanding the Sensors and the Actuators and beginning with the python on Raspberry Pi

• Program Sensors (Sense-HAT board), then the Face Detection and rearrangement utilizing OpenCV-Python

• Understanding of the different IoT Networking Protocols used to create solutions for communication

• Start with the Cloud and Azure IoT Hub and also demonstrate the Azure IoT Hub APIs

• Architect a complete and comprehensive Solution utilizing Raspberry Pi, Sense HAT, and also the Azure

• Performing the Data Analytics on the assembled sensor data and using the predictive algorithms for getting useful insights.

• IoT challenges, research extension, business solutions and existing developments, Alexa Voice Bot on Raspberry Pi

Internet of Things is going to become the next big thing in the world of technology. Even today, after the invention of the internet, millions of people's lives have improved tremendously. As per Cisco, we can expect that more than 50 million gadgets and devices will get connected with IoT by the year 2020.

Medical services, Logistics, Aviation, Education services, Information Technology - you name anything, and IoT will be vital and play a key role for all these verticals. The IoT (Internet of Things) might get singularity that will ultimately converge and become the Internet of Everything. The IoT is an exciting topic for tech experts globally and is a significant change that will help the IT industry multiply. Learn and opt for the IoT Certification Training on Azure if you require a career boost, and you would also get insightful knowledge of how technology has already affected the world and how technology will continue in making changes in the upcoming decades. 

The Microsoft Azure IoT certification Training will assist you with turning into an IoT Developer. It will sharpen your abilities by offering you complete information on IoT. It will likewise familiarize you with the IT projects and provide you with hands-on experience to solve real-time projects related to and connected with the IT industry. During the IoT Certification Training on Azure course, you will have the best educators to educate you on:

• Architecting an IoT Solution

• Programming Sensors

• Working with REST APIs

• Data Analytics in IoT

• IoT Business Designer

• IoT Networking Protocols

• Azure IoT Hub and its services

This Microsoft Azure IoT Certification Training is for all the experts and the professionals who are energetic and have the passion and zeal to work with IoT gadgets and devices. If they plan to become an IoT developer in the future, this IoT Certification Training on Azure course is best. Therefore, the most appropriate people are:

• Software Developers who want to get into the IoT space

• Students who look for IoT information

• Solution Architects

• Technical Architects

• Business Executives and Managers who need to comprehend and gain further knowledge about the fundamentals of IoT

This IoT Certification Training on Azure has the requirement of a basic, moderate level knowledge of the following: 

• Linux Fundamentals

• Working Knowledge of Azure IoT Hub and also working familiarity with Azure Storage

• Basic Python Programming

For all the above prerequisites, you will get free self-guided tutorials.

The Hardware Requirement(s): 

• Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

• USB Keyboard and Mouse

• Display Unit(Monitor or TV with HDMI uphold)

• HDMI to VGA converter (discretionary)

• USB Mic and Speaker

• Sense-Hat,

• SD card (least 16Gb class 10 suggested)

Software Programming Requirement(s): 

• Google Developers account (and free) Google Developers Console

• Microsoft Azure Account (Free tier IoT Hub and other partially paid services of Azure)

• Amazon Developers account (and free)

You will do your practicals on Rasberry Pi. For some of the practicals, you will need your Google Developer's Account, and along with that, you would need Microsoft Azure's Account as referred to in the requirements.

You will have nine real-life case studies that are curated by industry experts. Alongside these, you will likewise be taking a shot at a Certification Project.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The following are the segments you need to secure: 

• Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 

• Micro SD Card (least 16 GB class 10 suggested) 

• USB Mic and Speaker 

• Sense-Hat 

The following are parts that we expect you to possess:

• Keyboard 

• Display - Monitor/TV 

• Mouse 

Don’t worry if you missed a class with us. You have the opportunity to pick both the alternatives below:

• View the recorded class session accessible in your LMS. 

• You can go to the missed class session, in some other live batch

To help you in this undertaking, we have added a resume developer device in your LMS. Presently, you will have the option to make a triumphant resume in only three straightforward advances. You will have unlimited access to utilize these layouts across various jobs and assignments. You should sign in to your LMS and snap on the "make your resume" option.

We have a predetermined number of students in a live meeting to keep up the Quality Standards. Along these lines, sadly, opting for a live demo class without enrollment is beyond the realm of imagination. Be that as it may, you can experience the example class recording, and it would give you a detailed understanding of how we hold the classes, the educators' expertise, and how the class interacts during a session.

All the educators and instructors are industry experts with a minimum of 10-12 years of significant IT experience. These trained subject matter experts provide learners with a great learning experience.

IoT is a promising domain and a lucrative career option. There is much scope in this arena, and since digitalization cannot be ignored, pursuing this IoT career would likely prove highly beneficial.

By the year 2025, approximately there will be more than 21 billion IoT devices.

Beginners can enroll in this course only if they know Python Programming, Linux Fundamentals, and common working knowledge in Azure Storage and Azure IoT Hub.


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