Microsoft Certified Expert - Azure Solutions Architect (AZ-303 & AZ-304)



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Cloud Computing & DevOps

Course Curriculum

Learning Aim: An individual shall learn how to create a Free Tier Azure Account, using Azure Services via the Azure Portal and also Azure Storage Service. A learner would gain immense knowledge, and would also have exposure to ARM Templates, that he shall be taught to use for employing Azure resources. 


• Azure Storage

• Different Types of Azure Storage

• Azure Subscriptions

• Azure Resource Manager

• Azure Free Tier Account

• Azure Resource Manager Template

• Azure Free Tier Account

• Azure Resources



• Manage Azure Cost and Billing Service

• Create a free tier Azure account

• Manage Azure Storage account using Storage Explorer

• Create and Deploy ARM templates

• Create a web app service via the Azure Portal

Learning Aim: In this module, the learner shall be taught how to employ and manage Azure Virtual Machines. The individual would learn to manifest an Azure Storage account, Azure Managed Disks and Azure Blobs. The individual shall further learn about Azure Virtual Networks, and all its sub-concepts such as NSG, NIC, Subnets, and more alike.



• Subnets, NIC, NSG, IP Addresses, DNS

• Azure Blob Storage

• Virtual Machines in ARM Template

• Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machine

• Networking in Azure

• Azure Managed Disks

• Overview of Azure Virtual Machine



• Configure Azure Virtual Network

• Create BLOB Storage using Azure Portal

• Construct a VM along with Storage Account and Managed Disks

• Create Windows and LINUX Virtual Machines

Learning Aim: In this module, the learner shall be taught about Azure Availability Sets and its heterogeneous features. The learner would also learn about several different Availability Zones along with Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure Application Gateway, and Azure Load Balancer. 



• Fault Domain

• Resiliency

• Load Balancer

• Azure Availability Sets

• Azure Disk Encryption

• Azure Availability Zone

• Application Gateway

• Autoscaling

• Update Domain

• Virtual Machine Scale Set



• Create Application Gateway

• Configure VMSS and add custom usage alerts

• Configure VM for Redundancy

• Create a Virtual Machine Scale Set

Learning Aim: This module dives into the wide-ranging aspects such as App Service Security, Deploying and Managing Web Apps, and Azure App Service Plan. The learner would be taught how to create, employ and configure Logic App, and Function App. 



• Azure Service Bus

• Swagger tool

• Azure App Service Web Apps

• Azure Event Grid

• App Service Security

• Azure App Service Logic App

• Making Use of Shell Commands to create Web App

• Serverless Computing Concepts

• Azure App Service Logic App

• Function Apps

• Background Tasks



• Create a Continuous WebJob

• Create a Web App Instance

• Use shell commands for making a Service Web App

• Create an App Service Plan


Learning Aim: This module greatly covers the Azure Hybrid Connectivity with its umpteen concepts. The learner would also learn to implement P2S, VNet Peering, and S2S connectivity. Furthermore, he shall learn about ExpressRoute, VPN Gateway and BGP Protocol.



• VNet Routing

• Hybrid Connectivity

• Express Route

• VNet S2S VPN

• Gateway Connections

• User Defined Route

• VNet Peering

• Border Gateway Protocol

• Service Chaining

• Swagger tool

• Azure VPN Gateway

• Swagger tool

• Route Based Gateway

• Policy-Based Gateway



• Azure Site Recovery

• Create a Virtual Network Gateway

• Migrate On-Premise Machines to Azure via Azure Site Recovery

• Design User Defined Routes

Learning Aim: In this extensive module, the learner would deal with pertinent aspects such as Cloud design patterns, Azure Architecture Center, Cache-aside pattern, and competing consumers’ pattern. Furthermore, the learner would be taught about Azure Storage Service and its different Database features



• Azure Cosmos DB

• Azure Architecture Center

• Azure Elastic Pool

• Cloud design patterns

• Azure SQL DB

• Azure Data Lakes

• Azure Data Factory

• Sharding Pattern

• Cache-aside pattern



• Create and Deploy Azure Cosmos DB

Create and Deploy Azure Data Lake

Learning Aim: This module empowers the learner, rendering an in-depth knowledge of Azure Service Fabric as a unique, distributed platform systems, which make it easy to deploy, package, and also manage scalable and reliable containers and microservices.

The learner would also explore Kubernetes Service (AKS) in Azure Architect Certification. 


• Diagnostics Logs

• Orchestration

• Application Environment Components


• Docker Image

• DockerFile

• Azure Container Instance

• Azure Container Registry

• Azure Kubernetes Service



• Deploy an Application in AKS

• Deploy an Application in ACI

• Create and Deploy Docker Image from DockerFile

Learning Aim: This module delves into domains like RBAC and Access Control. The learner would be taught about implementing authorization and authentication in the applications. An individual would also learn to conceptualize the data security via End-to-end encryption, Azure Key Vault, Azure confidential computing, TLS communications and SSL.



• Service Principal authentication

• Access Control

• Role-Based Access Control

• Managed Service Identity

• Authentication in the applications (certification regarding Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, token-based)

• Configure Fraud alerts

• Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

• Bypass option, trusted IPs

• Claims-based authorization

• Azure Key Vault

• Role-based access control (RBAC) authorization

• Azure confidential computing

• End-to-end encryption

SSL and TLS communications



• Make Use of Azure Key Vault for managing cryptographic keys

• Implement authentication by way of certificates, Azure AD Connect, Azure AD, and tokens.

• Implement RBAC authorization

• Implement secure data for deploying SSL and TLS communications.

• Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

• Implement secure data for end-to-end encryption

•Implement Claims-based authorization

Learning Aim: In this module, the learner would learn to configure a distinct message-based integration mould, ergo developing a unique methodology for Asynchronous Processing, and creating apps for Autoscaling.



• Transient Fault Handling

• Azure Messaging Service

• Auto Scale Ruling in Azure

• Azure Service Bus

• Azure Notifications Hub

• Azure Events Grid

• Azure Events Hub



• Implement Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

• Create a Service Bus Queue

• Design and Implement Azure Service Bus

• Deploy Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions

• Enable Auto Scale based on Schedule or CPU Metrics

Learning Aim: Herein this module, the learner would be taught about Monitoring Azure Services. The learner shall learn about metrics services and also about Azure alerts. This would hence render a succinct overview of App Insights services, Azure Log analytics, Azure Service Health and Azure Activity Log



• Azure App Insights

• Azure Monitoring

• Azure Log Analytics

• Azure Analytics

• Azure Log Analytics

• Azure Activity Log

• Azure Alerts

• Service Health



• Deploy Azure App Insights Service

• Create and Configure Azure Log Analytics

• Analyze the data in your metric database

• Make and Also Deploy Alert Rules for Azure Resources

Course Description

Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification course is uniquely designed in conjunction with the labyrinth Microsoft Azure’s AZ-303 Examination. This Azure Architect Certification course shall render an in-depth, thorough knowledge of several Azure Services such as all of its IaaS, PaaS and SaaS features. The learner would be familiar with different components of complete cloud solutions that include Network Configuration, Security and Infrastructure Deployment. The use-cases and hands-on included in the Azure Architect Certification course would equip the learner about how Microsoft Azure is specifically devised for building comprehensive cloud solutions, and by the culmination of this Azure Architect Certification training program, the learner would be well versed with the different roles and responsibilities of a Solutions Architect, that he shall put into use and implement. 

• Implementing and Managing Application Services and also PaaS.

• Employing, Managing, and furthermore, Monitoring Virtual Machines and Configuration of Virtual Networks

• Managing Azure Subscriptions, Resources, Storage and Server Migration

• Managing and Securing Identities in Azure.

• DevOps professionals

• Developers/IT Administrators who already possess knowledge of Azure Cloud

• IT Professionals who wish to be Azure Architects

• Professionals who wish to attain Azure Solutions Architect– Expert Badge

• Professionals with IT Infrastructure background

• Cloud Evangelists

• Basic fundamentals of Cloud Computing

• Foundational knowledge about Cloud architecture

• Basic understanding of virtualization, databases, and networking.

• Experience of Coding in C# (.NET Framework) - Optional

• Proficiency in deploying Visual Studio IDE

Command-Line Interface and PowerShell 

• Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification Project

A. Hardware Requirements:

Memory – A minimum of 4 GB RAM

Processor – should ideally be Intel Core i3 CPU @2.00 GHz or later.

Storage – 250 GB SDD/HDD or later

B. Software Requirements:

Operating System – Should ideally be Windows 7 or later, Ubuntu 14 or later

Windows PowerShell 4.0 or later (Install Azure Module)

Visual Studio 2017 community edition (Include Azure packages)

Microsoft Azure SDK for .NET v2.9 (prefer the latest version)

The learner would have to make an Azure Free Tier account in order to perform all the practical. The stepwise guide for creating a Free Tier account shall be available on the LMS and also the Cert Ocean’s support team would thoroughly provide 24*7 assistance in case the learner faces any problem or has any doubts.

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More than 70% of the supremely elated CertOcean Learners have reported change in job profile i.e. by virtue of promotions, work location (onsite), new job offers, and also lateral transfers. CertOcean's Azure Architect Certification is fully recognized in the eclectic IT industry as this alone is a prestigious testament to the practical and intensive learning that the learner goes through, thereby delivering majestic and highly appreciable real- life projects.


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