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Project Management

Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives: This chapter's primary goal in the curriculum is to make the candidate gain knowledge about the structure and importance and the critical components of the Prince2 foundation training course. Also, this chapter includes the differentiation between Projects and Operations. We will explain all the characteristics and aspects of the project's performance to the candidates, along with different possible contexts of the giant projects.  

By the end of this chapter, the candidate will be able to:
Explain the structure and all the benefits of the Prince2 (projects in a controlled environment).
Differentiation between Operations and Projects.
Explain all the possible contexts of the projects along with the characteristics of the same.
List all the performance aspects of the giant projects.

About Prince2
About Projects
The Prince2 integrated environment.
Learning Objectives: Under this chapter, the candidates will gain knowledge about the seven principles related to the Prince2foundation  in detail and the characteristics of the principles of Prince2.

By the end of this chapter, the candidate will be able to:
Understand and can explain the characteristics of the seven principles of Prince2.
The candidate will be able to explain the difference between the seven principles of Prince2.

The 7 Prince2 Principles.
Learning Objectives: How many themes are required minimum should be understood by the candidate by the end of this chapter. The minimum requirements also include the products which are created and also maintained properly. Understand each theme properly and estimate how to tailor it okay for a guidance based project. Learners will gain awareness for the application of themes in various projects along with multiple organizations and institutions. Also, the course Prince2 foundation training itself recommends many techniques following different themes.  
By the end of this chapter, the candidate will be able to:
Link all the themes according to the principles.
The application of the minimum required themes under the Project.
Tailor the themes for guidance based projects.
To understand the application of themes to projects under the various environment, organizations along with delivery approaches.
Learn the application of different alternative techniques of themes to projects.
Business case
Tailoring the Themes

Learning Objectives: Under this chapter, the candidate will gain knowledge about the purposes, contexts, goals, related activities, and responsibilities of all the processes. Based on tailoring guidelines, the candidates will gain knowledge about general and project context for individual operations. Also, for the processes as a whole, candidates will get general guidelines in this chapter.

By the end of this chapter, the candidate will be able to:
During the project lifecycle, the candidates will perform the seven processes by their related relevant activities.
Perform the project, especially the tailoring project-based context.
Learn the application of the guidelines for general process tailoring to a project.


Starting up a Project
Directing a Project
Initiating a Project
Controlling a stage
Manage product delivery
Managing a stage boundary
Closing a Project
Tailoring the Processes
Learning Objectives: Here, the candidate will learn how to recognize the tailoring, which are of two types. The types depend on the ownership of the Prince2  foundation, whether the organization personally owns the Prince2  foundation or not. They will also learn how to Tailor, along with who is responsible for it and where to document it. Estimate how constrained tailoring is and influenced by context. Also, we will guide the candidates for adopting the Prince2.

By the end of this chapter, the candidates will know how to:
Identify the elements that one can tailor in a Prince2 Project.
Recognize the ways of tailoring Projects in a few everyday situations or contexts
Identify the key steps to adopt Prince2 in an organization.

Tailoring Prince2
Tailoring – some familiar situations/contexts
Adopting and embedding Prince2

Course Description

Our Instructor-led Prince2 examination schoolwork course intends to assist aspiring professionals in earning the Prince2 Foundation and professional certifications training within the 1st attempt, getting a radical understanding of this Project Management methodology and effectively applying it in numerous project environments. The course covers the integrated component of this method and details every element, particularly the principles, themes, processes, and the project environment.

Prince2 certified trainers instruct this course, who have wealthy expertise in training. These instructors are active Project and Program Management with a number of the highest organizations across industries. They leverage their rich, dynamic trade expertise to assist participants in perceiving the tactic's sensible application as lined within the 2017 Prince2 Guidance/Manual (Managing winning comes with Prince2 printed by AXELOS Limited).

Any person aiming to see his/her career growth in the field of Project management or he/she who is already into it and has experience in Project management can join this course.
Project Managers
Project Board Members
Project Assurance Manager
Team Leads
Project Executives
Project Engineers
Operational and Functional Managers/Staff
Software Developers/ Testers
Any professional wishing to be a Project Manager.

The curriculum of this Prince2 foundation and practitioner certification training course includes the following topics:
Integrated elements
Tailoring Prince2.

By the end of this course, the candidate will gain skills and abilities to:
*Prepare for the Prince2 examinations and can successfully clear all the examinations.
*Understand and will be able to explain the Project method of Prince2 in detail.
*With the help of this project management method, the candidate will manage giant projects and gain the skills to tackle all the hurdles coming in between them.
*Tailor the project management of yours to make it suit the project's scale and size along with the risk factors, complexity, and environment.
*Use the structure, which is the best practice method for projects in approach to Project management.

Especially talking about the practitioner level exam, some basic knowledge or experience in the field of Project management will benefit the candidate. As such, there are no prerequisites for the same.
For the Practitioner level exam, the foundation certificate is a must. If not, you will need the certification from PMI, APM, or IPMA as the course's prerequisites.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Any candidate will never miss any class on CertOcean. We have two options for our students to make them safe from missing any sessions. Either go to the LMS, which you have got lifetime access to, and there go to class recordings and search for your missed class and see the recording. Or join the next live batch of your course.

Yes, the first version, which was Prince, was not suitable for non-IT projects. It was only eligible for the IT projects, but the second version that is Prince2 is generic. It is made for all types of projects, including IT and non-IT projects also.
We are happy to say that Prince2 is given the tag of the World's most popular Project management mythology as million-plus examinations of this Prince2 is taken all across the globe.
CertOcean's experts are having a minimum experience of 10 to 12 years in the industry and are practitioners. Also, CertOcean has trained the experts to provide the best knowledge to our candidates.
We here at the CertOcean believes in maintaining the quantity, and that is why we take fewer candidates in a batch. You will not get any demo sessions for this, but trust us now; it's our job to make you the best.

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